[GNC-dev] Building debian files within Docker

Dale Phurrough dale at hidale.com
Thu Sep 12 13:56:49 EDT 2019

Good news :-) Next? I recommend the setup and quick start at
If you encounter problems following that, please do loop me in. I want to
fix it/be more clear while balancing with brevity.

Yes, the build/test containers are themselves many distros of Linux.
They've been building and testing 3 branches of Gnucash on 14 of the major
distros for two months https://diablodale.github.io/gnucash-dev-docker/
You can click on any of the badges to see the log of the build and test
process for that specific distro/branch.
The docker-compose in the git repo has all the distros you mention except
for cosmic (18.10).
Probably trivial to add cosmic. Edit docker-compose.yml, make a copy of the
19.04 section that is already in there to make a new section for 18.10
while changing the four occurrences in that new section from "19.04" to

Happy hacking!

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 6:27 PM Stephen M. Butler <kg7je at arrl.net> wrote:

> On 9/12/19 5:49 AM, Dale Phurrough wrote:
> > I'm not the best source for supporting Ubuntu.
> Better than I am!!
> > Ubuntu has rich communities that are better suited to support ubuntu
> > and apt.
> >
> https://www.google.com/search?q=Invalid+response+from+proxy%3A+HTTP%2F1.0+403+CONNECT+denied+(ask+the+admin+to+allow+HTTPS+tunnels)+%5BIP%3A+
> >
> I searched my package list and see that apt-cacher-ng is installed.  I
> presume that is the package you meant to mention.  I made the change for
> the "Passthru" entry (it was commented out in the config file).  That
> allowed the add-apt-repository to work.  I now have the engine installed
> and wondering what is next?
> >
> >
> > After you get apt running, and then Docker is install, happy to help
> > with the dev-docker containers. :-)
> >
> > --Dale
> >
> OK.  I think I'm ready.  Not sure how many of these containers I need.
> Mostly interested in building .deb files for Ubuntu (disco and bionic --
> maybe need cosmic).
> How good is this for non-Ubuntu but debian based distros?  Cross build I
> mean (buster, stretch?).
> Thanks,
> --Steve
> --
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