[GNC-dev] Yahoo blocking GnuCash Email

Derek Atkins derek at ihtfp.com
Fri Sep 20 13:37:37 EDT 2019


Starting around September 10, Yahoo appears to have started blocking
SMTP (email) originating at code.gnucash.org.  This means that yahoo
users have been prevented from receiving any mail (including list mail
and bug mail), and worse, they've been blocked from sending mail *to*
the list as well (due to sender-verify blocking them because yahoo is
blocking us).

Unfortunately, this appears to be a "due to user complaints" blockage,
and Yahoo is pretty tight-lipped about why it actually is blocking.
This could be due to people flagging gnucash email as spam (which might
include the monthly password reminders), or it could be as stupid as
people receiving the email but never reading it.  But like I said, Yahoo
won't tell me the source of the blockage.

I am hoping this will clear up on it's own.  If not, I might need to
literally unsubscribe every yahoo user and then request each person to
re-subscribe themselves to the list (once email clears up).

I realize that no Yahoo users will actually *see* this email, but I'm
hoping they will eventually be able to google for gnucash email yahoo
problem or something like that and this email will pop up in a couple
days in the archives.  Alternately, email will clean up and the queue
will get flushed.

If anyone has other ideas, please let me know.


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