[GNC-dev] Budgets: Sort accounts by code

Kevin Buckley kevin.m.buckley at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 21:41:03 EST 2020

Was replicating budget details from an industry body flyer recently
and, having replicated the accounts and sub accounts within a
GnuCash book, then relaised that, whilst I was able to sort the
accounts into the order the appeared in the external budget, within
the accounts tree, the option for sorting accounts in the budget dialog
only allows for reversing the alphabetical sorting.

One can get round this by prepending digits to the names of the
accounts, but I was wondering if any consideration of the possiblity
of having the account list in the budget dialog sorted by the account

More than happy to take a look at implementing something, assuming
that it's never been discounted as completely un-doable in previous
discussions, hence asking about "prior work".

I am still using a 2.6.20-ish GnuCash.



I also thought that way back now, there was a way to fiil all
of the coulmns to the right of any given cell wih the current
one, but I couldn't see how to achieve that either.

Probably just getting too old!

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