[GNC-dev] Fresh Windows build setup fails

Robert Fewell 14ubobit at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 09:50:28 EST 2020


My Windows 10 hard drive failed which I thought would not be a big deal as
I only use it to build and test the windows build. After installing Windows
10 and updating I grabbed the setup-mingw64.ps1 file and proceeded to
recreate my build system.

Unfortunately that did not work, tried the 32bit and 64bit versions which
both failed. The first problem was that pkg-config --list-all would list
all the packages with a starting forward slash with problems also in

So tried another tact, I had an old backup from March which I restored and
then proceeded to update but that resulted in pacman listing loads of
missing packages in the 'virtual world'

My last attempt was to do the script manually, all OK till line 241 where
it installed mingw64/cmake and pkg-config. Once these were installed
pkg-config --list-all would list with forward slash's. To overcome this I
uninstalled them and installed msys versions and proceeded to the end of

I have not checked the whether the boost version is correct for the webkit
version as to start with I just wanted a valid dependency.

Changed to the gnucash-on-windows.git directory to start the build but that
failed as follows...

Failed to 'import jhbuild' on line 15
   to fix I changed line 12 to sys.path.insert(0,

Next was subprocess_win32 has no check_output
  so added a line check_output = real_subprocess.check_output to

Which resulted in a string has no split method in systeminstall.py
  so changed shell_split = string.split to shell_split = str.split

I am not sure these changes are correct as I know nothing about python but
I can now run...

$ TARGET=gnucash-maint jhbuild -f jhbuildrc build
Required packages:
  System installed packages which are too old:
  No matching system package installed:

The strange thing is that all these are installed as...
cmake --version gives 3.18.4, ninja --version gives 1.10.2

So the question is, has anybody recently done a fresh build setup install
and it worked or know how to fix.


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