[GNC-dev] Improve OFX import since aqbanking is not longer very robust?

jeanl ripngo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 16:28:45 EST 2020

Like many of you I haven't been able to setup aqbanking, either on my windows
machine or on my mac machine. I've tried old revisions of gnucash, but I
haven't found the sweet spot.
I read various threads on this forum related to that, and it looks like
aqbanking support is somewhat on hold (this
for example).

Given that, would it make sense to improve the OFX import mechanism? It
works really well but one big limitation is that it won't import OFX files
that combine several banks, as far as I can tell. I've tried again and again
but the only thing that works is having one OFX file per bank. This makes
the online update more tedious than it needs to be (it's possible to
download OFX data from many banks using ofxclient for example, and they're
combined into a single file).

So, the question is, how hard would it be to make it possible for gnucash to
import OFX data from several banks combined into a single file?
I'm a developer myself, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot myself, but I'm
asking in case people have some ideas...

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