[GNC-dev] Improve OFX import since aqbanking is not longer very robust?

Martin Preuss martin at aquamaniac.de
Sat Feb 8 12:17:59 EST 2020


Am 07.02.20 um 22:28 schrieb jeanl:
> Like many of you I haven't been able to setup aqbanking, either on my windows
> machine or on my mac machine. I've tried old revisions of gnucash, but I
> haven't found the sweet spot.

The latest versions of AqBanking at least work with a OFX test server,
so basically it should work again.

In the past some people from this list offered support with testing new
OFX code and I would like to hear from them how the code behaves with
real servers...

However, even without an OFX Direct Connect account the OFX import code
of AqBanking can also be tested with real files.

The current OFX importer supports OFX2 files (i.e. real XML files), so
OFX2 files are now supported by our generic XML importer.

This importer uses profile files written in XML to define how data is
read from XML files into AqBankings internal import structures which are
then imported by applications.

The current OFX2 profile can be seen here:


To test the importer you can use this command (all in one line):

aqbanking-cli import --importer=xml --profile=ofx2 -f SOURCEFILE -c

The output file should then contain the imported data.

Currently the profile file for OFX2 only handles balances and bank
account transactions, due to lack of example files containing investment
account transactions I can't support them, yet.

However, as soon as I can get my hands on such a file (in OFX2 format)
such support could be easily added. Even by others BTW, since the
profile file is quite simple.


"Things are only impossible until they're not"

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