[GNC-dev] [GNC] Failed - import of QIF files from Quicken

Adrien Monteleone adrien.monteleone at lusfiber.net
Tue Feb 18 18:51:35 EST 2020

Tom, info about sources and building can be found on the GnuCash website and wiki. Check the Development section.


> On Tue, 18 Feb 2020 at 15:51, Tom Hatzigeorgiou <tomhatz at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> To do this someone will need to help me.
>> I don't know how projects like this work.
>> I have no idea where the program source exists and the tools I will need
>> to manipulate it.
>> I was thinking that a very simple way to debug the code is, for someone to
>> place a display on a version of the new importer where every record that it
>> processes gets displayed (in a log file) before it gets imported.
>> This way by running the importer I will see at what record(s) it failed.
>> I would run it multiple times until I find and eliminate ALL the records
>> of my file that it fails on.
>> When all bad records get eliminated and my file gets loaded correctly by
>> the current importer, I don't think I would have a problem sending you all
>> those bad records for you to analyze and see where the new importer has
>> gone bad.
>> DO you think something like the above can be done?

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