[GNC-dev] [GNC] Fwd: Fwd: Failed - import of QIF files from Quicken

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Wed Feb 19 04:40:37 EST 2020

Op dinsdag 18 februari 2020 23:04:59 CET schreef crazylyle:
> So you are suggesting reducing the size of our QIF files to a small
> debuggable size.
> My QIF file is 653,808 lines long.  About 2^20.  So just using a binary
> search would
> take at least 20 trials to find the first line that it fails on.  Not
> exactly something that
> seems practical.  And that's just for my input file.
Wow, while I appreciate everybody has limited time I don't consider 20 attempts to find the 
source of a bug a lot...

> And of course, just feeding a partial file might produce a failure, but a
> failure of a
> different kind, so this won't necessarily get us anywhere.

Someone will have to do the work. And at this point you are the one with the data that fails :)
Others have offered to help but we will need some input file which reproduces the error.

However before going that route, have you checked whether the trace file has any useful 
information ?
Here's a link that explains where you can find the tracefile
It's likely it contains a guile backtrace of the failure.


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