[GNC-dev] Build on MacOS

Jean Laroche ripngo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 16:15:13 EST 2020

Hi guys,
I'm trying to build on MacOS (macbook pro, High Sierra, 10.13.4).
Setting up the build was *not* easy, I had to deal with many issues 
during the jhbuild build phase (I kept notes so if it's interesting to 
someone I could list all the issues, and what I had to do to fix them).

My question, though is this:

Immediately upon starting to build gnucash-git (maint) I get this error:
CMake Error at common/test-core/CMakeLists.txt:43 (add_library):
   Cannot find source file:


Indeed, the file is nowhere to be found.

Is this related to something I see during the build:
*** Building googletest *** [63/71]
ninja: no work to do.

This ^^ is puzzling to me, nothing is getting built.

Can someone give me a pointer?

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