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c.holtermann at gmx.de c.holtermann at gmx.de
Wed Jul 8 06:04:55 EDT 2020

Thank you for your answer and considerations.

I am thinking about automatic assignments using the python bindings for 
my use cases. I do imports from my bank accounts using a self written 
python csv importer. (Maybe I could even get answers to my question 
looking at the gnucash onboard csv import.) I can do assignments by 
rules using an own logic or I could base this on saved searches.

I haven't much used the gnucash search engine for transactions from the 
python side. I find them rather complicated to use right now. I will 
also have a look at this. I could make up a set of searches representing 
my assignments just on the python side. I was just thinking that it 
would enhance the value of the search engine for gnucash if it would be 
possible to save searches.

 From the gnucash user perspective I find there is a comprehensive search 
engine with a lot of possibilities. Very complicated searches can be 
constructed. But they tend to be gone so I tend to not go into the 
complexity of the search. If searches could be saved, I'd probably use 
the search more. (There could even be example searches.)


Christoph Holtermann

Am 2020-07-07 14:24, schrieb Adrien Monteleone:
> The feature has been requested a few times on the user list that I 
> recall.
> Usually the need is solved with a different approach.
> For example if the desired result is purely informational, a saved
> report is an option.
> A recent thread concerned finding a particular subset of transactions,
> but the user didn’t know which account they were in, so they were
> running the search repeatedly by trial and error. Running the report
> from the Accounts tab (a global Find) did the trick.
> I’ve seen a few cases of searches being done to refactor accounts and
> I personally can see saving the search to be useful when you have lots
> of transactions to change. I’ve done some work like this in batches
> and it would have been nice to just pull up the saved search when
> coming back to said work after said time. But it isn’t terrible for me
> to just redo the search from scratch. (not sure the re-assignment
> could be automated though in my case)
> Not sure if any of that sheds light on your case. If you have to
> repeatedly refactor transactions from Imbalance to the same other
> account (thus needing to save the search) I’d instead ponder why those
> transactions that would be found by this search keep ending up in
> Imbalance in the first place. This is usually an error situation,
> either during manual entry (easily solvable individually) or from an
> import. (so the import process should either be improved, or the user
> missed an important step to avoid the Imbalance)
> Regards,
> Adrien
>> On Jul 7, 2020 w28d189, at 12:38 AM, c.holtermann at gmx.de wrote:
>> Hello,
>> on some occasions I have wondered if it makes sense to save searches.
>> Just now I am thinking of filtering certain transactions to
>> automatically assign the imbalanced split to an account using the 
>> python
>> bindings. That would be easier if I could use a saved search for that.
>> Have there been thoughts about saving searches?
>> regards,
>> Christoph Holtermann
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