[GNC-dev] "2" version of source code

Jean Laroche ripngo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 14:25:04 EDT 2020

Hi Devs,
Last night I was looking at what it would take to allow selecting 
multiple transactions in the split register, and realize (if I'm not 
mistaken) that the split register is not based on a tree view (in which 
case it would be easy to allow multi-select, but possibly tricky to do 
the right thing after that).
On the other hand, there are versions of the .c source files with a "2", 
which I believe were a rework of the basic GC UI elements, and one of 
them is the split register. The version 2 of it is apparently based on a 
tree view and I remember somebody mentioning that the refactoring was 
intended to allow multi-select (among other things I'm sure).

- What's the status of the "2" versions? This was worked on more than 10 
years ago, if I remember correctly. No update since?
- How far was it from completion? Would it be a huge effort to look at 
the code and make it functional? I know it can be enabled with a special 
flag when we launch gnucash, what I don't know is what's missing before 
the "2" versions can be adopted...


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