[GNC-dev] Python configs

c.holtermann at gmx.de c.holtermann at gmx.de
Fri Jul 17 05:18:37 EDT 2020


I'm thinking about a good place to store python config. That would or
could be:

	* for the python shell

 	* if it is activated
 	* I'd like to make a history file and its location configurable

	* for the python example scripts

 	* Now or then I have a thought about this or that setting that doesn't
come to my mind now.

Thinking about the activation of the python shell would be enough for
this general question. I don't like to have to change the python shell
source with every new branch or compilation.

Could config options use the gnucash config system in which I didn't
really have a look or should it use an own config system with a config
file somewhere where the other gnucash config files reside?

I don't know of bindings for the gnucash config system (except for
asking for the --debug and --extra flags as in setup of the python
shell). But I may have missed something.

thanks for your thoughts,

Christoph Holtermann

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