[GNC-dev] Python configs

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Fri Jul 17 13:43:19 EDT 2020

> On Jul 17, 2020, at 2:18 AM, c.holtermann at gmx.de wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm thinking about a good place to store python config. That would or
> could be:
> 	* for the python shell
> 	* if it is activated
> 	* I'd like to make a history file and its location configurable
> 	* for the python example scripts
> 	* Now or then I have a thought about this or that setting that doesn't
> come to my mind now.
> Thinking about the activation of the python shell would be enough for
> this general question. I don't like to have to change the python shell
> source with every new branch or compilation.
> Could config options use the gnucash config system in which I didn't
> really have a look or should it use an own config system with a config
> file somewhere where the other gnucash config files reside?
> I don't know of bindings for the gnucash config system (except for
> asking for the --debug and --extra flags as in setup of the python
> shell). But I may have missed something.

What exactly are you trying to configure? And what python shell source are you changing for every build?

Bear in mind that we absolutely, positively do NOT want to create a python scripting platform inside of the GnuCash application. Having to deal with Guile is bad enough and adding a second one would square the maintenance effort.

The python bindings are provided for external programs to access GnuCash data. Those programs will have their own configuration needs and where they put their configuration is their developers' problem.

John Ralls

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