[GNC-dev] Single User Installation location on Linux

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Thu Mar 5 03:53:37 EST 2020

I just now read your original reply on the user list.

So the recommendation comes from John. We'll have to wait for his answer to 
see where he got it from then.

In addition you suggest there the installation process adds $HOME/.local/bin 
to the PATH. I don't think it does. There is nothing in the build scripts that 
would suggest otherwise.
So it must be either something your distro does for you or something you may 
have done yourself in the past.

For the record on Fedora this is not added to the path by default. It's not in 



Op donderdag 5 maart 2020 09:43:44 CET schreef Geert Janssens:
> David,
> I'm interested where you got the recommendation to install into $HOME/.local
> from ? Perhaps this is a practice used by some distros in specific ?
> Op donderdag 5 maart 2020 02:47:36 CET schreef David Cousens:
> > If I create a directory .apps under $HOME then GnuCash installs to it
> > without any problem but no link from $HOME/.local/bin to the executable in
> > $HOME/.apps  is created by the installation and the user would have to
> > create this this manually. Once this is done GnuCash seems to run  fine
> > from $HOME/.apps as a single user app.
> How do you start gnucash when installed in $HOME/.local/bin ?
> What's different with doing so from $HOME/.apps ?
> > The question is do we need to change the recommendation for installing
> > under $HOME/.local on the wiki and what should we change it to? If it is
> > agreed this is necessary I will modify the wiki to suit.
> That will depend a bit on the history behind the choice for $HOME/.local in
> the first place.
> Regards,
> Geert
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