[GNC-dev] A little hint for xcode usage (scheme)

Mike Alexander mike at msalexander.com
Sun Mar 8 23:43:48 EDT 2020

I used to use XEmacs much like John describes, although I did use the 
debugging mode in XEmacs.  That was long enough ago that lldb wasn't 
around, at least not for what I was working on.  Now I use XCode for 
debugging and BBEdit for editing.  They work together pretty well and 
XCode's debugging GUI is quite nice.  I remember debugging using address 
stops and console switches, so this is a big step up.


On 8 Mar 2020, at 23:27, John Ralls wrote:

> From the command line, lldb bin/gnucash
> br se -n foo
> or you can use the gdb compatibility version, b foo.
> emacs gud mode apparently doesn't support lldb and I've never bothered 
> to try anyway. I do sometimes wish for compiling in emacs when I'm 
> working through 400 lines of template errors, but so far not enough to 
> figure out how to import all of the necessary environment to make it 
> work. Immediate productivity always seems more important than taking a 
> week to learn a new tool.
> I'm occasionally tempted to consider switching to bbedit or vscode, 
> but after 35 years of emacs it would be a lot of learning time that 
> could be spent on more useful things.

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