[GNC-dev] How does a plugin communicate to the main window?

Jean Laroche ripngo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 17:23:04 EDT 2020

Guys, I'm trying to see whether it would be possible to make the 
relevant account open after an OFX import, from lots of comments (and my 
own case) it's a normal workflow (import from OFX, then go into account 
to correct target accounts etc).
Partly that's because it's not easy to correct the account from the OFX 
import window (you have to rely on the gtk account search-by-typing, 
which does not work if the hierarchy isn't completely expanded). So 
people resort to opening the target account as a second step.

In any case, I can't find a way to do it, nor can I find an example of 
how it's done. When the OFX plugin is triggered, it's triggered from a 
menu, but I can't figure out a way for something to happen after the 
import is done.

In summary: how can a plugin tell the main window to perform an action? 
A hint or an example of it would be greatly welcome...


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