[GNC-dev] PDF Reports

Mike Alexander mike at msalexander.com
Wed Mar 25 01:26:53 EDT 2020

FWIW I use WebKit2 (currently version 2.26.2) with the Quartz version of 
GnuCash and reports with charts seem to work fine.  Even the tooltips 
work.  You might want to give it a try again in case they've fixed 


On 18 Mar 2020, at 12:14, John Ralls wrote:

> To complete that comment, pagination is fixed on webkit2, but that 
> works only on Linux. The WebKitGtk maintainers removed support for 
> Windows as part of the WebKit 1->2 transition and on MacOS WebKit2 
> Javascript fails to return anything so charts don't render. The 
> simplest workaround is to export the HTML, load that in a native 
> browser, and print or generate a PDF from there.

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