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Bugzilla (https://bugs.gnucash.org/) is just a web interface for filing
information about a bug and is meant for users to report problems to the
developers.  You don't really know how to administer it and set it up to
file a bug, but you do need to be a registered user on Bugzilla to file a
bug  (to reduce nuisance and prank filings etc). If you click the File a Bug
button on the web page at the above link, it will take you to a login page
which has a link to an account creation page if you are not already signed

It is basically a form for entry to a database to fill out identifying which
version of GnuCash and on what OS the problem occurred and what the problem
is. Most of it is selecting options from dropdown menus  and you can just
copy your post in the User forum and paste it into the descriptionfield in
the Bugzilla form.  

It is the primary interface developers work from in fixing GnuCash problems
as bugs are addressed in a priority order depending on how severely they
affect GnuCash operation. The developers are largely volunteers, often hard
pushed for time so if things don't go into the system, there is little
likelihood they will be fixed.

David Cousens

David Cousens
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