[GNC-dev] Transaction matcher, code to detect many-to-one matches?

Stephen M. Butler kg7je at arrl.net
Thu May 7 12:34:49 EDT 2020

On 5/7/20 9:28 AM, Jean Laroche wrote:
>> Every two weeks I have a visit to my chiropractor with the same dollar
>> charge.  The OFX loader always attempts to match to last months and
>> suppresses loading the new charges (credit card).  I have to manually
>> force them to load.  Is there a way to build in an "always allow" for
>> certain repeating transactions?
> That's a bug and I will fix it. GC should NOT attempt to match to a
> transaction that already has an online_id (as indicated by the other
> devs above). Once we fix that, you won't run into the issue.
> J.
> __
Thank you.

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