[GNC-dev] Improve Help

flywire flywire0 at gmail.com
Thu May 7 20:57:48 EDT 2020

Floating this as a probable bug as the submenus seem a bit random for new
users.  Current help options are: Tutorial and Concepts Guide, Tips Of The
Day, Contents, and About.

> Remember that the GnuCash "culture" is to recommend reading the docs,
check the wiki, and check the mailing list archives.

Help should be presented that way in the program and the search should be
much more integrated. For example, try searching for "customising keyboard
shortcuts". You'll likely find it can't be done so search some more.

It is probably reasonable to be directed straight to the Guide for people
in the program but they mightn't realise Contents describes how to use the
GnuCash Financial software. https://gnucash.org/ is the only place that
brings the help system together and it is under the About submenu.

Perhaps a single document (a binder) that allowed the Help Manual, and
Tutorial and Concepts Guide to be searched. The FAQ presents it best so the
FAQ should be highlighted rather than "Q: Where is the FAQ? A: You’re
looking at an [sic] very old copy of it." (
). Then perhaps the wiki search and Google/Nabble search for the mail lists.

Tips Of The Day is out of place in the Help menu.

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