[GNC-dev] Is the import match map still required?

Christian Gruber christian.gruber at posteo.de
Sat May 23 18:03:52 EDT 2020

Hi devs,

Meanwhile, I'm studying the bayesian import matching algorithm quite 
intensively. There is one question, I was often asking myself and which 
I want to ask you now. The same question was also asked in the german 
mailing list a few days ago.

Is it really necessary to work with a separate "import match map" 
instead of the imported transaction data directly? The import match map 
contains matching information from earlier imports, but do the imported 
transactions not contain the same information? I mean instead of 
querying token occurrences in this import match map for instance, 
couldn't the bayesian algorithm get the same information by querying the 
already imported transactions? Is this a performance consideration or 
are there further reasons?


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