[GNC-dev] Is the import match map still required?

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Sat May 23 19:52:51 EDT 2020


I guess it depends on whether there is a performance advantage in using the
previously stored data for the transfer account associations over
constructing the frequency table on the fly. The search for matching
transactions only takes place within a narrow time window around the date of
import, so it is unlikely to canvas enough transactions to be able to
construct a valid frequency table from tokenized data within that window.
The stored frequency table would generally contain data from a much wider
range of transactions and would take much longer to construct on the fly
each time it was needed. 

I have also pondered whether it could be usefully augmented by using data
from transactions entered manually which have not been imported for the file
associations.  Could be of value where you have a good set of historical
records but it would only need a one off run through the existing
transactions to gather the data. Unless you confined it to running on a
specific set of accounts to which you import data it might cause bloat of
the data file with unnecessary and unused information.

I have examined the stored data in my  data file with the import map editor 
and found that there was a lot of data stored which contributes little to
the matching for the transfer account ( dates, connectors (a, and, the 
etc.), transaction amounts ?) which often have a fairly uniform frequency
for all accounts which were used as transfer accounts. After a bit of
pruning of the stored data my matching reliability seemed to improve a bit.  

I don't know at the moment if the tokens stored for transfer account
matching are a subset of the tokens used for transaction matching (haven't
checked) but restricting the set of tokens used may possibly improve
performance and reduce the amount of data stored if all tokens associated
with a transaction are currently being stored in the frequency table which
is what I suspect from examining my import map data. 

David Cousens

David Cousens
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