[GNC-dev] Request to move translation to Gnu Translation Project

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Thu Nov 26 10:28:13 EST 2020

> On Nov 26, 2020, at 6:41 AM, Frank H. Ellenberger <frank.h.ellenberger at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Pedro,
> Am 25.11.20 um 09:40 schrieb Pedro Albuquerque:
>> Hello Dear Developers,
>> For some time now, I have tried to maintain GnuCash translation updated,
>> using Github and git. With lots of your help, it has worked in the past.
>> But it is highly unpractical for me, not being a developer.
>> So, being a disclaimed translator at Gnu Translation Project, I humbly
>> ask if you could move GnuCash translation file back to that project.
>> That way I could request that it is assigned to me and update the
>> translations regularly without making a mess with Github.
>> Many thanks in advance for your attention.
>> Kind regards,
>> Pedro Albuquerque
> Before a release we usually also look for updates at TP.
> The downside of TP is without a process of prerelease + string freeze,
> which is not accepted AFAIK (John and Benno know the details),
> translations sent over TP are alway one minor version behind the code.
> By accident I have added a fresh msgmerged pt.po in my last commit
> "L10N: Update Glossaries to commit 3d7e66d". My plan had been to send it
> you private. So you can for now update pt.po and glossary/pt.po. BTW you
> can ask me always for a fresh merged po.
> AFAIK TP has no option to submit the glossary file and I don't know, if
> the accept a pt.po, which is not based on their (outdated) version of
> gnucash pot.
> Around each release I am thinking about using weblate.org. Would that be
> a better way for you?
> I wish to ask you also about
> https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/pull/799. Do you think other
> portugese speaking people were interested to use the gnucash-br mailing
> list or divergeted the languages too much?

Frank, Pedro,

None of this (except weblate) conflicts with Pedro using the TP infrastructure for managing his translations, so I've forwarded his request to Benno Schulenberg, the TP coordinator.

Frank is correct that TP supports only the main translation file and that all of the documentation translations must be submitted directly to us as always.

Frank, I'm not sure what you mean about the string-freeze/prerelease process. As we approach a major release we do a series of beta releases and typically impose a string freeze after the one a month before the scheduled major release date. TP gets all of those releases and the (3 or 4 active) TP translators generally have updated translations ready in time for the major release. There's no pre-release or string freeze process for minor releases, TP or otherwise, and AFAICT the only non-TP translator who routinely updates between minor releases is you (TP's Ukrainian and Croatian translators have been very good at keeping up to date, albeit with a one-release lag because of the TP's policy of working only from release tarballs).

John Ralls

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