[GNC-dev] "Mortgage Repayment Druid"

Adrien Monteleone adrien.monteleone at lusfiber.net
Mon Sep 21 01:41:39 EDT 2020

I've seen several threads over the years that a user wanted to make an 
SX based on the current account balance. I'm glad to see the code 
exists, and hope to see it finally included.

I'll make my way through that PR discussion and chime in once I have a 
grasp of the nuances, but for now, I'd say this will also be very useful 
for envelope budgeting. This was my first hangup trying to implement it.

I've also seen a use case of someone calculating their charitable 
donations based on the balance of some accounts at a certain point in 
time, so grabbing that automatically would be nice.

This might turn out to be 'build it and they will come' sort of code. 
People may find uses for it that aren't anticipated yet.


On 9/16/20 12:08 PM, Jean Laroche wrote:
> Note that there is a pull request that adds the ability to use the 
> current balance of an account in a scheduled transaction.
> https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/pull/682
> This allows setting up a scheduled transaction for your mortgage payment 
> that's smart enough to compute the interest owned based on the current 
> balance of the mortgage account. So for example, if you make an extra 
> payment, the scheduled transactions created by the current "Mortgage & 
> Loan Repayment Assistant" will all be off. But if you setup your 
> schedule transaction to use the current balance to compute the interest 
> owned, the correct interest will be calculated no matter your 
> prepayments etc.
> That pull request has been sitting on the list since April, as the 
> powers that be don't seem to think it's a priority or even a good idea 
> to merge it into maint or master. Check it out, and voice your interest 
> if you think that would be useful to you.
> Jean

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