[GNC-dev] New OFX Requirements For USAA FSB

Martin Preuss martin at mpdw.de
Sun Feb 7 16:41:45 EST 2021


nicely done!!

Some notes reagarding AqBanking's OFX Direct Connect plugin:

Am 07.02.21 um 05:45 schrieb Scott McRae:
> Some things I've found through trial and error:
>  - The OFX elements must be separated with "\r\n". This is dumb, but true.
> No spaces. No simple "\n". Exactly "\r\n".
This should already be the case in AqBanking.

>  - The APPID "QMOFX" and APPVER "QMOFX" work. Others I tried did not.
>  - The CLIENTUID "1955A543-B071-455E-A31E-73CC7C493D68" works for me. It
> must be uppercase. This might be particular to your account. If so, you can
> find it looking at the OFX logs from Quicken.

You mean APPVER must also be set to QMOFX? Not a version number?

>  - TRNUID must be present, but an UUID will do.

AqBanking creates an ID derived from the current date (like in "20210207223800"). Does that also work?

>  - DTACCTUP: The value "19900101" works. The value "19700101" does not. The
> value "19900101000000" does not.

Okay, changed that in AqBanking.

>  - You need the "Content-Type: application/x-ofx" header
That's already used in AqBanking.

>  - You need the User-Agent "InetClntApp/3.0". This is what Quicken for Mac
> sends.

Okay, I added an edit widget to AqBanking's "Edit User" dialog which allows for the HTTP user agent to be set.


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