[GNC-dev] [GNC] USAA FSB requires newer QWIN support

Bob White white.b at me.com
Fri Feb 12 17:29:36 EST 2021

I got new USAA OFX download working with GNC 4.4.1.

It's mainly a configuration task.

------ User config ------
int uniqueId="<leave as is>"
char backendName="aqofxconnect"
char userName="<your name>"
char userId="<your new USAA access id>"
char customerId="<your new USAA access id>"
char country="us"
char bankCode="314074269"
int lastSessionId="0"

data {
  backend {
    char bankName="USAA Federal Savings Bank"
    char org="USAA Federal Savings Bank"
    char fid="67811"
    char serverAddr="https%3A%2F%2Fdf3cx-services.1fsapi.com%2Fcasm%2Fusaa%2Faccess.ofx"
    char appId="QMOFX"
    char appVer="2300"
    char headerVer="103"
    char clientUid="<CLIENTUID>"
    int httpVMajor="0"
    int httpVMinor="0"
    char httpUserAgent="InetClntApp%2F3.0"
  } #backend
} #data

  -- 'httpUserAgent' is currently not configurable through GNC v4.4.1, but it works when included in the file.  It has been added in newer AqBanking, look for support in next GNC release.
  -- 'CLIENTUID' can be found in OFXLog.txt generated by Quicken.  Signup for trial and cancel within 30 days no charge.
  -- 'your new USAA access id' can be found at https://www.usaa.com/accessid

You will need to disconnect accounts from within the AqBanking Wizard, download accounts with new user configuration, then reconnect accounts.  In my case, the new credit card account numbers in the accounts list are not a 100% match to the number found on your credit card.  There were enough common digits to know which was which, just be aware.  I was able to successfully download and update 2 checking accounts, a savings account, and a credit card account.

I hope this helps.



PS.  I did clone the AqBanking repo and build and install the latest libraries on the same machine I am running GNC.  I am not sure if the GNC used the libraries distributed with it or the ones I built so YMMV.

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