[GNC-dev] Report with Fiscal Year

flywire flywire0 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 04:54:15 EDT 2021

I recall recent discussion about separating the main app and reporting.
App, database and reporting modules seem to offer a lot of scope for
non-traditional integrations I've raised before. One of my repos uses ocr
to load bank statements, and there's an ever-expanding range of smart
analysis tools.

I'm concerned John's described pulling report functionality back into c++.

It's a while since I worked as a programmer but I've been involved in a
broad range of system development. I was after a c++ developer a couple of
years ago and a university lecturer told me they'd stopped teaching it a
few years earlier. He said to concentrate on the functionality and let the
implementation move with the technology. M a y b e  GnuCash is. The
application doesn't need to run on 1990 technology anymore.

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