[GNC-dev] KVP's

Chris Good goodchris96 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 04:22:07 EDT 2021



I'm working on adding an "Append" checkbox to the bottom of the "Generic
import transaction matcher" so that when Update+Clear'ing

a matched transaction, the imported Trans->Desc and Trans->Notes can be
optionally appended to the matched transaction Desc/Notes

instead of overriding them.


I'd like to store the value of the checkbox (True or False) for the imported
account so that in the next import, it will default to the same value.


I'm thinking this should be a KVP, either:

1.	A New slot under the account or
2.	Add a pipe symbol and the True or False value to the end of the
account "online_id" slot


I assume a new slot would be backwards compatible with older versions of
GnuCash as they would just be ignored.


Is a new slot the way to go? Any hints on how to do this please?



Chris Good


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