[GnuCash-es] Re: GTK+ 2

Derek Atkins warlord en MIT.EDU
Mar Nov 18 09:21:07 CST 2003

It's being worked on.  But gnucash has a LOT of custom widgets
which ALL have to be ported.  It's not a minor task.

As for development continuing, well, non-UI development is happening in
a way that affects everything, but UI-specific development is focused on
gnome2.  Right now only one developer is actively working on the gnome2
specific code.  We welcome more people to help with the port.


Jean Pierre Rupp <jpierre en xg.homelinux.com> writes:

> Hello people,
> I am new on this list. I am a heavy user of GnuCash and I have been
> looking over the Internet for information on an upcoming GTK+ 2 version
> of the program. Is one of the very few programs I use that remain with
> the old GTK+ interface. It seems strange since there seems to be some
> activity in the development team and new versions coming out.
> Do you have information on when (if at all) will be released a GTK+ 2
> version of GnuCash?
> Thank you very much,
> Jean Pierre Rupp
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