Add scrollbars to 'lot clist' in Lot viewer

Geert Janssens janssens.geert at
Sat Apr 30 05:51:31 EDT 2005

On Friday 29 April 2005 23:35, you wrote:
> If you really want to have a patch against a production-ready version,
> then the "old" 1.8 branch is your best bet.  HEAD and the gnome2-porting
> branch are about in the same state; there are some other
> non-GUI/infrastructure changes that are not on the gnome2 branch.  But
> the g2 branch is periodically synced over to HEAD; both branches are
> equally unstable.
> The main reason, however, is that the majority of work generally, and
> all GUI work specifically, is presently occuring on the gnome2 branch,
> and the sync's are unidirectional.  It would be a shame for someone
> trying to get the G2 branch working to either not see or invalidate your
> change.
Do I understand this correctly, if I say that the under-the-hood 
functionality, such as the engine, the backend, qof and so on are equally 
well (or even better) maintained in the G2 branch, but that because the GUI 
is not fully ported yet, the G2 branch is not ready for the general public ?

If that's the case, I might jump on the G2 bandwagon, and start implementing 
or fixing the GUI parts that I require to continue my accounting work. Since 
I'm a developer, I'm used to dealing with programs that are not fully 
polished yet, and I don't mind as long as the functionality is stable.

Based on the GNOME2_STATUS file, and my experiments with the G2 checkout, I 
currently lack:
- The new invoice dialog from the Business menu
- QSF import functionality

Based on Neil's reply, I understand the QSF import quite functional, apart 
from a GUI bug. I'll start with the new invoice dialog, and see what happens.

Geert Jan

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