Norwegian translation file

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Nov 20 08:46:05 EST 2005

Hi Tor Harald,

Am Sonntag, 20. November 2005 14:35 schrieb Tor Harald Thorland:
> >>However, there's a different problem here: We already have a
> >> Norwegian/Bokmaal translation in 1.8.x and also in SVN-HEAD, but under
> >> the name "nb.po" instead of "no.po". 
> >
> >Sorry, didn't see that one... I think that nb would be the correct way
> >to do it.. The same should also be applyed to the glossary file as well,
> >since there is a little difference betweeb Norwegian bokmaal & Norwegian
> >nynorsk...
> >
> >I'm a biginner in this, so what actually happends when your Lang
> >variable is set to no? does it use the nb file ? (I don't think so, but
> >asking anyway)

I don't know. You should ask some Norwegian fellows. Maybe the former gnucash 
translator Kjartan Maraas, or you can look at KDE's and Gnome's Norwegian 
translation team websites.

> >If there isn't any better suggestions I'll think we just merge the no.po
> >& the nb.po files together and in the future stick to nb.po in both the
> >glossary & the other file.

I'll leave the merge up to you. Just send me the final translation po file 
that you think should be used, and I'll put it into SVN.

> btw: is no_NB.po an alternative? the same you do about the english
> languages? Isn't that the most "correct" way to do it?

Again: Ask the other Norwegians. I have no idea. "locale -a | grep no" says 
that no_NO and nb_NO exist. Since no other _XX country extensions exist, I 
would suggest to stick with the short "nb.po" (compared to e.g. "locale -a | 
grep de" where you have different country extensions).


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