r19224 - gnucash/trunk/po - Bug #619984: Remove "Gnumatic, Inc." from po/Makevars

Christian Stimming cstim at code.gnucash.org
Thu Jun 3 16:02:07 EDT 2010

Author: cstim
Date: 2010-06-03 16:02:06 -0400 (Thu, 03 Jun 2010)
New Revision: 19224
Trac: http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/changeset/19224

Bug #619984: Remove "Gnumatic, Inc." from po/Makevars

Gnumatic Inc. does since a few years no longer exist.
So it makes no sense, to have it as copyright holder of new GnuCash

I got Linas OK for this change on IRC:
http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2010/05/2010-05-28.html#T13:37:53 - #T16:12:23

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