gnucash 1.9.7 at 14336: Multiple changes pushed

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Mon Mar 31 00:43:52 EDT 2014

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  replaces  1.9.6 at 14071
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Mon Mar 7 11:22:47 2011 -0800

update to release 1.9.7

Andreas Köhler (11):
      Scott Oonk's patch to activate forward button in XML import druid after having decided on each ambiguous string. Fix #342050.
      Extend gnc_file_dialog to take a GList of GtkFileFilters instead of a filter string. Allows patterns like *.[Qq][Ii][Ff] without messing up the dialog, fixes #336124.
      When the user chooses another default encoding, do not recheck the file for ambiguous words, but rather just resort what has been found before.
      Move is_gzipped_file to
      Add wait_for_gzip to avoid reading from a file that is still being
      Replace gnc_tree_model_account_path_changed with manual checks whether
      Cancel renaming of a page when GDK_Escape is pressed. Fixes #343226.
      Do not try to find positions for alphabetic insertions of add_on pages,
      Add GDK_Menu as shortcut for showing register popups. Fixes 343244.
      Link gnome-utils against backend/file and remove symbol lookup in
      Add gnc_html_copy and enable report pages to copy to clipboard. Fixes

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update to release 1.9.7

Christian Neumair (18):
      Fix Bug#342546 by using the pref date format instead of locale.
      Fix Bug#342736 by replacing "make-shared-substring" with "substring".
      Consistently pad date formats with zeros instead of spaces.
      Sync ChangeLog with 'svn log -v'
      Merge 'misc-backend' -r 14160:14184 into trunk.
      Load the file backend _after_ the qsf backend, so that it gets tried
      REactivate --enable-sql by reverting part of r14175; see bug#332251
      Add -avoid-version to LDFLAGS of gmodule backends.
      Use GTK_TREE_SORTABLE_DEFAULT_SORT_COLUMN_ID instead of '0' as the
      The description for the "sort_column" gconf key of the tree_views says,
      Move the error-handling of failure to initialize the engine from
      revert r14177 because it fails make dist.
      Fix a crash in the aging report.  Breaks a string, but seeing English is
      Improve GNOME desktop integration.  Bug #342936
      GNOME integration, part 2.  Bug #342936.
      Restore two behaviors removed by r14283, and add a third.
      Disable support for the old binary file format.
      When loading the gmodule backends from the test suite, look in ../.libs

Christian Stimming (28):
      Updated British English translation by Nigel Titley. PO-Revision-Date 2006-05-05, unfortunately delayed due to Translation Project notification delay of 10 days.
      Updated Swedish glossary translation by Jonas Norling. PO-Revision Date 2006-05-04 , unfortunately delayed due to Translation Project notification delay of 10 days.
      Updated explanation of HBCI features.
      Updated German README which was horribly outdated.
      Updated Russian Translation by Vladimir Turbaevsky
      Use localtime_r only when HAVE_LOCALTIME_R is defined. Might be undefined on some weird systems out there, e.g. windows/mingw32.
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Updated French translation by Jonathan Ernst. He said: I didn't
      Updated Swedish translation by Jonas Norling
      Updated Slovak translation by Zdenko Podobný
      Updated Russian translation by Vladimir Turbaevsky
      Initial Romanian translation by Danny Fischer
      Hide the "QSF Import" for the 2.0.0 release because it is not yet
      Hide the "Export account chart as QSF" as well. Not ready for 2.0.0
      Deactivate the "Close Books" menu item because that feature is
      Deactivate the "View Lots" menu item because the lot viewer is
      Updated French translation by Fabrice Kurz
      Add versions of latest suse10.1
      Updated Greek account templates by Nikos Charonitakis
      Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Deactivate --enable-sql because PostgreSQL backend is still broken and we can't fix it before 2.0.0; bug#332251.
      Explicitly remove all compiled gettext catalogs from make dist (in case the gettext version were including them in make dist) because they will be compiled at compile time anyway.
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Simplify calling the aqhbci setup wizard for aqbanking>=1.9.1 because we don't need to select an aqbanking backend beforehand.
      Remove version query that is obsolete due to the required version
      Updated French translation by Fabrice Kurz

David Hampton (21):
      This patch fixes almost all of the test-period errors.  It still
      More of the patch from Bill Nottingham for compiling with guile 1.8.
      Make the removal of scm_block_gc conditional on having guile 1.8
      Make the blue past/future dividing line thicker so that it is obvious.
      Fix gcc4 complaint about unused return value of the write function.
      Updated translation from Nigel Titley.
      New splash screen from Joshua Facemyer / Impressus Art
      Remove old help-topics-index files.
      Update the help file names now that the docs are xml instead of
      Limit the reconciliation date to the past or today, never the future.
      The progress bar changes size when text is added/removed.  Prevent
      The register code shouldn't process any keystrokes that have a
      Only use the amount of space required to show all the entries in the
      If the g2 file history list is empty, then copy the file history list
      Add bug id.
      Include gkeyfile.h instead of explicitly declaring a data type. This
      Add lib/glib26 to the include and library paths.
      Don't ever reference lib/glib26 if the host system has glib 2.6 or
      Fix a couple of files that didn't include config.h.
      Fix "missing icon" menu icons on FC6.
      Remove dead code.

Derek Atkins (17):
      need to link against gnome-utils
      revert r14081 because we always have localtime_r.
      Get the RPM SPEC to build properly (should built from future tarballs)
      remove hook to test druid for 2.0 release.
      re-add the test-druid menu item but leave it commented out
      Re-enable window sensitivity if the report fails.  Fixes #341610
      load the qsf backend from the right place.
      force-exit gnucash if a required library can't be loaded.
      QOF should load its own backend libraries.
      Updated Spanish Translation from Eneko Lacunza
      remove some duplicated code.
      * Don't need to patch libtool for darwin anymore.
      * po/nb.po: updated Norwegian Bokmål translation by Sigve Indregard
      Refactor the file backend into a shared library and a loadable module.
      Properly round values when setting the Base Value.  Fixes #337505.
      swap the #includes so it builds on FC3 w/ glib-2.4
      Move the GLIB26 compatibility checks to

Joshua Sled (10):
      Convert `localtime` to `localtime_r`, after seeing localtime fail (strange as it is...).
      Bug#342182: change gtk-workaround check to be more specific in face of evidence.
      Bug#340885: Disable skipping hidden accounts for the purposes of quickfill completion population.
      Add docs extraction, un-slot, un-/opt-ize.
      only conditionally remove the file.
      Remove support for being a dual-nature -release and -svn ebuild.  Misc cleanups.
      Bug#343772: Re-enable View Lots; disable 'View' button.  Fix clist/lot-title handling bug.
      Bug#343795: Treat all numbers in a auto-decimal-point-safe way.
      Bug#333299: Handle selections more correctly in a utf8 world, within GnuCash at least.
      Use UTF8_STRING for copy/pastes, as it's at least 4 whole characters better than just "STRING".

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