gnucash 1.9.6 at 14071: Multiple changes pushed

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Mon Mar 31 00:43:51 EDT 2014

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  replaces  1.9.5 at 13794
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Mon May 15 02:04:12 2006 +0000

'update to release 1.9.6'

Andreas Köhler (6):
      Initialize some variables before usage so that gcc does not complain.
      Remove translatable property of some forgotten placeholder strings in glade file.
      Initialize depth variable in tree view keynav before using it.
      Remove all XIM code, as it has been commented out unconditionally already for a while. Send focus in/out events to register GtkEntry. Address #337020.
      Add legend only to barchart and piechart plots, not to scatter plots, as there is currently no usage for it. Fix #337769.
      Correct option strings in sx editor for tri-annual transactions. Fix #339724.

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update to release 1.9.6

Christian Neumair (49):
      Revert r13797 so that it can be recommited as logical, documented changes.
      Avoid buffer overrun in qoflog.
      Replace calls to QOF_COMMIT_EDIT_PART1 macro with calls to qof_commit_edit()
      Internalize the transactional semantics for all Transaction setters.
      Remove some unnecessary Begin/Commit blocks around code that is already
      Don't immediately commit the blank transaction after creating it.
      sync ChangeLog from 'svn log -v'
      Default the budget page's show_hidden flag to FALSE.  Closes #339413.
      Fix uninitialized use in gnc_split_register_empty_current_trans_except_split
      Use 'pending_trans' variable name for clearer code.
      Another crack at fixing bug #327780.
      Implement a keynav policy for the budget page.  Addresses bug #339515.
      Publicize the ALWAYS_VISIBLE column attribute for GncTreeView.
      More register fixes related to recent changes:
      Remove some unnecessary BeginEdit/CommitEdit calls.
      Address bug #339288:  When deleting a split, ensure the transaction is open
      Remove an assertion w/ explanation of why it doesn't hold.  Fixes #339781.
      For budget data entry interpret an empty string as valid input meaning "0".
      When deleting an Account, also delete any Splits that are set to be
      Return the GtkTreeViewColumn from gnc_tree_view_account_add_kvp_column().
      When deleting the current Transaction in the register, let the action take
      Take care of any pending changes to a Transaction before voiding it.
      Hide the Transaction's management of the "reverse-by" KVP inside the engine.
      Fix bug #340168 by ignoring Splits that have been destroyed since the
      Correctly ensure that the amount and value of test Splits have the same sign
      Some testing bits that got left out of r13916.
      Move some gains-related transaction-scrubbing operations to from
      More consistent Lot<->Split handling.  Try to use the right API for adding
      Add begin/commit edit blocks to budget setters.  Change to using the
      Make qof_commit_edit() (and macro version) call qof_backend_run_commit()
      Fix off-by-one error when checking editlevel in qof_commit_edit() (and
      Add a flag, 'infant', to QofInstance to note that the instance has been
      Remove some unnecessary calls to xaccGroupMarkNotSaved() which were
      Limit memo length to 27 chars on Quicken wallet checks with side stub
      Use g_get_current_time() instead of gettimeofday().  Fixes #341044.
      Silence guile warnings about duplicate binding introduced in guile-1.8.
      Fix fancy invoice report.  Bug #341046.
      Factor out #define _GNU_SOURCE from various .c files into an AC_GNU_SOURCE
      Warn if no g-wrap runtime module is available during configure.
      When searching for the g-wrap runtime module, look in the G_WRAP_MODULE_DIR.
      Look for g-wrap's (g-wrap gw standard) or (g-wrap gw-standard) since
      Cause gncla-dir.h to be re-made after a 'make clean'.
      Minor cleanups to gnc_counter_end_handler().
      Fix Bug #341375.
      Fixing bug #341589:  Apparently, guile 1.8 will actually enforce the rule
      Change the method for specifying and recording the default visibility of
      Undo accidental revert of part of r13713 by r14026.
      Disable Lots scrubbing, which is causing test-suite failures.
      sync ChangeLog with 'svn log -v'

Christian Stimming (30):
      Updated Nepali translation from Translation Project
      Added French glossary by Jonathan Ernst
      Updated French translation by Jonathan Ernst
      New French Swiss account templates by Jonathan Ernst
      Updated German translation; 3623 out of 3676 translated.
      Add svnignores
      Remove erroneous translation in en_GB: Probably a proposed fuzzy translation has been accepted without checking.
      Mark string for translation as pointed out by Andreas Köhler.
      Activate newly added string as string freeze exception. That bug was grave enough to justify this.
      Updated French translation by Jonathan Ernst.
      Updated German translation. 3666 out of 3666 translated.
      Properly quote marks. Bug #339731.
      Fix GNCInteractor_hadErrors() that reported too many errors. Fixes #339504.
      Updated French translation by Fabrice Kurz
      Clarify definitions of and relations between bill, invoice, job, and order.
      Fix retrieval of reconcile abbreviation if the translators erroneously
      Updated British English translation by Nigel Titley
      Ensure the warning about debian and error-on-warning is shown only if necessary
      Updated German translation; still 3666 out of 3666 translated.
      Updated French translation by Fabrice Kurz
      Updated Norwegian Bokmaal translaction by Sigvei Indregard
      Updated (finished) norwegian bokmaal translation by Sigve Indregard
      Add MT940 example file for testing mt940 import
      Small wording fix in German translation
      Fix erroneous guid types in account template
      Added new Austrian German account templates by Roman Bertle
      Add svnignores.
      Add the Tools->HBCI Setup menu item to the register tabs as well. Bug#341510.
      Fix strings that mentioned gnucash-1.8
      Update German translation after unavoidable string changes

David Hampton (47):
      Parse the old ~/.gnome/GnuCash MDI document file to see which 1.8
      Don't call shutdown directly from the delete_event handler, but use a
      If the report already has an id assigned (i.e. restored reports) then
      Add a tooltip for the "hidden" option in the Edit Account dialog.
      Remove unused dialog.
      Remove translatable flag from a temp label.
      Don't complain about reports without html titles.  This occurs for
      Correctly save and restore multicolumn reports. Fixes 327627.
      Make the "Welcome to GnuCash" report menu item build the entire
      Don't allow a report page to be closed of it is in the process of
      Don't allow the user to open the current log file.  Fixes #337211.
      Add new icons for invoices, adding a scheduled transaction, and the
      Rename some icon files.
      Fix a null pointer dereference.  Don't make the Close button sensitive
      Update a report's tab name in the main window when the name in the
      Don't use the full width of the dialog, only as much as is necessary
      Add completion support to the currency edit widget.  Fixes #339412.
      Handle the failure to fork a child process and print an error message,
      Don't try to update the main window page name when invoked with an
      Fix the crash in #339764.
      Mark the collections as clean after the default items have been
      Center the progress dialog on the qif import druid.  Fixes #336188.
      Finishing all pending transactions before new and open commands, not
      Mike Alexander's patch to fix lot date calculation, and to include all
      Default to --enable-error-on-warning only in svn based source
      Lower the minimum required width of the register.  This does affect
      Load the user config earlier in startup.  Fixes the missing custom
      Don't load a custom report that has the same name as a standard
      Don't allow the user to save a report until they have changed the
      Eliminate some gtk warning messages. Stop the contents of the Bill
      Function opening curly brace should be on a line by itself.
      Patch from Mike Alexander's to handle multiple lot dispositions on the
      Remove translation on new strings.
      Patch from Mike Alexander to fix the cleared split date threshold in
      Start a new log file after a save.  Fixes #173056.
      Use the parent commodity and account type when creating new accounts.
      Use the existing QOF API to modify the instance dirty flag.
      Bump the version number for setting the GNOME_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flag.
      Add an alternate mode for handling the dirty state of instances and
      Unconditionally enable qof alternate dirty mode.
      Add begin_edit/commit_edit brackets around object modifications.  Some
      Can't use external qof until it supports "alternate dirty mode".
      Add support for directly marking the book dirty, for recording the
      Use the new qof functions to provide a dirty indication in the title
      Trivial replacements for deprecated functions.
      Really bump the version number for setting the GNOME_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flag.
      Rebuild the column selection menu when the report currency is changed.

Derek Atkins (10):
      Two string fixes.
      Bill Nottingham's patch to fix a guile parser problem during build.
      Same patch as qif-import/qif-parse.scm for guile-1.8.
      Add some extra "don't shoot yourself in the foot" text to autogen.
      * add $GUILE_INCS when testing g-wrap
      Make sure to properly define _GNU_SOURCE in sub-config files.
      Use QSF #defines instead of hard-coding the library name and init-fcn
      Disable the use of external QOF and make sure we can co-exist.
      Fix the documentation of qof_query_merge for degenerate cases.
      * po/el.po: Updated Greek translation by Nikos Charonitakis

Joshua Sled (23):
      Bug#119078: promote register parse errors to the user.
      Attempt to affect #334627: re-order destroying SX vs. window.
      Bug#334627 fix attempt 2: remove needless NULLing-out of SX.
      Bug#157179: make multi-commodity SX handling a bit better.  Expose the needed exchange rates as variables in the since-last-run dialog.
      Bug#340197: reverse account opening balances when desired.
      Bug#340358: mem/string-handling crasher fix.
      match malloc to free, not g_free.
      add encoding to test xml files to prevent loading errors; reformat error message.
      fix mis-use of test api.
      Bug#340875: factor utf8-clean decimal-point insertion and string handling out of the pricecell, and call from the formulacell.
      Bug#340936: Actually close the SX list when we are button-requested to Close the dialog, thus cleaning up properly.
      Fix `test-query` failure.
      Restructure for clarity.
      Simply traversal impl.
      comment out test-period for the moment. :p
      Re-enable test-period, as the lots-scrubbing code is commented out.
      add core-utils to test setup; test-load-xml2 fails for me (from `make check`) otherwise
      argument list too long with cat; use xargs instead.
      Bug#341609: filter template transactions from general journal report query.
      Updated ebuild.
      remove the files before rebuilding them (since we're rebuilding in append mode).
      only pickup files from src/ and lib/, not ./gnucash-1.9.x/[...] (or another other irrelevant copies) as well.

Neil Williams (2):
      updated en_GB translation
      Final changes for QOF 0.6.4 - Improvements in map handling.

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