gnucash 1.9.5 at 13794: Multiple changes pushed

John Ralls jralls at
Mon Mar 31 00:43:50 EDT 2014

        at (tag)
   tagging  72384e704ecf6b3f0fc2026843c65d9424567a9a (commit)
  replaces  1.9.4 at 13739
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sun Apr 16 23:32:30 2006 +0000

'update to release 1.9.5'

Andreas Köhler (5):
      Fix leakage of old books.
      Fix loop of split account reassignments in xaccGroupMergeAccounts, because the commit of one split will change the list itself. Potentially fix 337048.
      Initial support to decode old, ambiguous data files, missing an encoding declaration, with the help of the user.
      Fix to compile on systems with glib < 2.9.
      Add a string to final page of encodings druid.

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update to release 1.9.5

Christian Neumair (4):
      Avoid generating Transaction modified events for Transaction roll-back.
      Implement Split events for Split destruction, Split rollback, (including
      Test for support of the tree-model-sort interface instead of one particular
      Avoid trying to represent "forever-ago" with a timepair.

Christian Stimming (4):
      Updated German translation. 3562 out of 3620 translated.
      Fix spelling error
      Updated German translation. 3601 out of 3620 translated.
      Update/merge po files.

David Hampton (20):
      Make the entire UI (menus and toolbar) insensitive when the progress
      When writing a currency to the data file, write the full commodity
      Generate the gnc:count-data tags by hand so that the attribute will be
      Patch from chpe at to use the gtk_show_about_dialog to avoid an
      Include the svn revision number in the about dialog.
      Eliminate some unnecessary work by comparing the account name in the
      Update the determination of what's a currency and what isn't.  Fixes
      Add a couple of comments.
      Another comment.
      Replace NS_ISO with NS_CURRENCY.  This substitution was already
      Finish cleaning up old uses of NS_ISO. Use the C is_currency function
      Improve the performance of the listen_for_accounts function.  Never
      Add a new event for when a split associated with account is changed.
      Fixes to compile with gcc4.
      Clarify text regarding the lines in the register.  Fixes 338479.
      Allow the account tree view callback to run in addition the the page
      Add a per-account "hidden" flag, and update the accounts page and the
      The kvp_frame_get_string() function returns a pointer to an internal
      Clean up the xml file some by dropping empty kvp strings/frames and
      Replace "commodity" with "security" where it is user visible.  If its

Derek Atkins (9):
      * lib/libqof/qof/qof.h:  QOF requires <glib.h>
      Back out r13752.  We don't need to explicitly #include glib.h
      Revert r13749.  Wedon't need to explicitly #include glib.h
      Create a QOF_SCANF_LLD (because we cannot use the printf version).
      Get gnucash to build properly with the new QOF changes (0.6.4+)
      * lib/libqof/qof/qofbookmerge.c: fix a few memory leaks.
      Fix a bunch of 64-bit compile issues.
      need to #include gmodule.h.
      Add new files to make the string freeze that define the

Neil Williams (9):
      Replace gnc-engine-util with qofutil
      Add encoding support and fix compression option handling
      Standardise on gint and gchar. libqof 0.6.4 release.
      QOF 0.6.4 requirement
      Explicitly including glib.h instead of relying on libqof to reduce dependency problems.
      Replacing deprecated code.
      Move example from gnc_numeric.h to a separate Doxygen file.
      already include glib/gi18n.h, also need glib.h
      typo - erroneous &

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