gnucash 1.9.4 at 13739: Multiple changes pushed

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Mon Mar 31 00:43:48 EDT 2014

        at (tag)
   tagging  3ac4d49306a72deaaa84ad2609cf2162ccb16bcf (commit)
  replaces  1.9.3 at 13673
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Thu Apr 6 03:02:49 2006 +0000

'update to release 1.9.4'

Andreas Köhler (5):
      Fill the filter by dialog with given start/end time instead of calculating earliest/latest date found. Fix 335237.
      Rename gtkhtml workaround, non-squared graphs in gtkhtml >= 3.10.1. Fix 328114.
      Remove some optional return value locations in emissions of signals without return value.
      Add vertical padding in register cells and align text, editable text and the text cursor vertically. This makes the cells taller and centers the text. Add one pixel to the horizontal padding.
      Set search column for account types lists interactive search. Fix 336833.

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update to release 1.9.4

Christian Neumair (7):
      Avoid infinite loop in gnc_find_split_in_trans_by_memo(). Bug #335465
      Add a label to the budget selection combobox.  Bug#334501
      When opening GnuCash for the first time since 1.8.x, allow the user to
      More translator-friendly string placement.
      Return the actual number of test failures with get_rv().
      When destroying a commodity, remove it from the commodity table.
      Make the tests for growing commodity tables more accurate -

Christian Stimming (18):
      Updated French translation
      Fix small text problem. #335455.
      Store the log level of all printed messages and use this as
      Stick with vertical padding of 2 as discussed in bug#334920.
      Fix incomplete marking for translation
      Updated German translation - 3546 out of 3620 done.
      Revert report date option to the 1.8 state where the stock
      Remove unused i18n strings
      Move gnc:options-add-subtotal-view! options from income-statement,
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Fix forgotten i18n string
      Updated German translation - 3540 out of 3616 done.
      Make update-po for upcoming release
      Updated German translation - 3551 out of 3617 done.
      Updated Norwegian translation and glossary by Tor Harald Thorland
      Fix translatable atttribute of non-visible label
      Updated Spanish translation by Eneko Lacunza
      Fix changed button label in text; 337190.

David Hampton (21):
      Add support for renumbering the account codes for all the children of
      Differentiate between calling the hierarchy druid from the new user
      Mark all common account sets to be initially selected when creating a
      Update to compile on FC5.
      Regularize capitalization of the word 'GnuCash'.
      Regularize capitalization of the word 'GnuCash' where its user
      List the optional components that will be compiled in the summary at
      Add toolbar icons for Postpone and Cancel.  Fixes 114267.
      Fix the lack of action strings in the popup menu.  The problem occurs
      Add a context menu to the reconcile window.  Fixes 120830.
      Add a reconcile button to the toolbar of a register page.
      Change the title of the category view to track changes in the
      Work around the fact that a validating XML parser barfs on gnucash's
      Fix the dialog so that the 'Cancel' button cancels all changes made
      Restore sorting transactions by date posted.  Fixes 335190.
      Remove debug message.
      Mike Alexander's patch to get currency quote retrieval working again,
      Change the access key on the Transaction menu to not conflict with the
      Change the access key on the "Change Split" button.  Fixes 336836.
      Use the name "Currency" internally instead of ISO4217.  Make it
      Serialize access to the "Save" and "Save As" commands.  Fixes 148905.

Derek Atkins (2):
      open the bills due reminder at BOOK_OPENED instead of UI_START.
      link against GUILE_LIBS when building the test-link test app (#336007)

Joshua Sled (7):
      Bug#335564: ensure book's SX list is consistent.
      Bug#334777: Non-placeholder leaf Expense account in 'Simple Checkbook' example account tree.
      Bugs#308554, 334811: Add basic validation and test-cases for invalid expressions.
      factor out grammar check, add tests.
      Tighten the grammar around quoted strings.  Test-case fixes.
      spelling fix.
      match quotes (breaks editor syntax hilighting)

Neil Williams (1):
      updated en_GB translation, utf-8. 3626 messages

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