gnucash 1.9.3 at 13673: Multiple changes pushed

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Mon Mar 31 00:43:46 EDT 2014

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   tagging  75c77a272950f179ee60834e2539c24326aac633 (commit)
  replaces  1.9.2 at 13499
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Mon Mar 20 02:07:16 2006 +0000

'update to release 1.9.3'

Andreas Köhler (16):
      Add printing support to graphs (depends on #332884). Remove paper from PrintSession.
      Disable sensitivity of style radio actions for registers with ledger_type different from LD_SINGLE, e.g. search registers and general ledgers.
      Add configure test for sys/times.h and corrected guid.c to check for that.
      Move retrieval of private data of main window after the creation of the window.
      Avoid calculation of account period total for the top level account.
      Unref the summary bar list store so that it gets deleted together with the combobox.
      Fix order of parameters to gnc_ui_common_commodity_modal, and 334181.
      Save a QofBook instead of its GUID in the list of books in plugin pages. This should renable the deletion of some plugin pages.
      Add a call to gnc_tm_set_day_end to correct initial ending balance in reconcile windows. Tiny comment typo in qof/gnc-date.h.
      Make register ui update unconditionally if in a GncEmbeddedWindow.
      Add row_activated callback to commodity and price editor tree views. Fix 334661.
      Fix return value of get_corr_account_split and reverse the tests of its callers. Fix 334801.
      Correct SX editor and Since Last Run dialog to close their register plugin pages instead of only the ledgers. Fix 334627.
      Let glib subtract days from a GDate, because G_DATE_BAD_DAY (0) is a bad day.
      Update frequency specification in SX from transaction dialog before moving one day back. Replace deprecated gdk_draw_pixmap.
      Treat the date option widget as container if it shows absolute and relative dates, in multichoice_cb.

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update to release 1.9.3

Christian Neumair (14):
      Move both old an new-style Account MODIFY events into the "on_done" case
      Factor out and create new function: gnc_commodity_is_currency().
      Factor out one small piece of the huge gnc_split_register_load() into
      Minor code factoring, line-wraps, control-flow simplifications, etc.
      When periodically checking for ui events, avoid creating a QofSession
      Factor out and create new function: xaccAccountIsPriced() that does the
      Minor line wraps and factoring.
      More line-wraps, cleanups and factoring.
      More line-wraps, cleanups, factoring new function: xaccTransGetSplitIndex().
      More register line wraps, clean-ups, etc., plus some minor re-ordering
      Factor out and create new function: gnc_xfer_dialog_run_exchange_dialog()
      Invert sense of conditions involving g_setenv() since its return value
      Change the account removal event back to using the parent account instead of
      Restore some widget names that were lost in r9938 but still used by

Christian Stimming (72):
      Updated German translation - 3609 out of 3724 done.
      Fix crash when "clear" is chosen but no matching transaction is
      Fix OFX import problem with some dividends transactions. Patch by
      Update svn:ifnore property
      Update svn:ignore property
      Improve i18n string for separator character sample
      Updated German translation - 3627 out of 3724 done.
      Add po/gnucash.pot to EXTRA_DIST because the translation template is
      Updated Norwegian translation; 2234 out of 3724 done.
      Minor header include cleanups to enable easier windows/mingw32 porting
      Fix old libc substitution files, now needed for windows/mingw32
      Make seed collection parts that depend on particular functions
      Replace index(3) by strchr(3) and rindex(3) by strrchr(3) because the
      Replace mkdir by g_mkdir for
      Replace setenv() by g_setenv for increased cross-platform
      Add creation rules for po/gnucash.pot so that it can always be created for make dist.
      Updated vietnamese glossary by Clytie Siddall
      Remove unused header include
      Check for <X11/Xlib.h> and ignore code section if header unavailable.
      Check for <glob.h> and provide own typedef if header unavailable.
      Replace "ln -sf" by "$(LN_S) -f" for
      Add more linker flags, necessary for some platforms (windows)
      Reorder linking of engine libraries to avoid undefined references which are not allowed on windows
      Add compatibility ifdefs for unavailable functions
      Add substitution code for unavailable functions gettimeofday and gmtime_r.
      Add svnignores
      Clean up unused gettimeofday argument
      Add substitution code for unavailable function gettimeofday
      Fix linker flags
      Check for errno macro EOPNOTSUPP only if it is defined
      Reorder CHECK_FUNCS so that they are checked even if enable-gui=no
      libgncmod-app-utils uses functions from libgw-engine, so link to that library
      If <glob.h> unavailable, provide own typedef and disable globbing.
      Add long-forgotten macro definition from acinclude.m4 r10161 that is sometimes still needed
      Gnucash replaced dlopen/dlsym by the g_module functions,
      Add include/linker flags for using the lib/libc substitutions
      Fix linker flags for gsf-win32 sublibrary
      Recode all po files into UTF-8 character encoding,
      Updated German translation - 3642 out of 3729 done.
      I18n cleanup; improve wording to disambiguation the semantics of a bool checkbox.
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland; Translated 2431 out of 3729.
      Unify whitespaces in strings
      Add linker flags in test programs for platforms where they are not inferred by libtool
      Reduce debug stack size from 2,000,000 to 200,000 because guile on windows will only accept the smaller value.
      Improve wording. Mark all strings for i18n.
      Updated German translation - 3650 out of 3749 done.
      Updated French translation by Didier Vidal.
      Add svnignores
      Remove unused include header
      Add necessary include and linker flags when files from backend/file should be compiled here
      Improve include order so that building without <glob.h> is possible.
      Disable file compression on windows due to missing pipe(2),
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland
      Check for gethostid and lnk functions
      Add linker flags for libraries that are needed with some libtools
      Disable extra NFS lockfile checking on windows due to
      Remove include <ltdl.h> that is unnecessary for code using this header.
      Add more svnignores for .exe test executables
      Add more linker flags for referenced libraries. Necessary when the
      More linker flags for libraries. More svnignores.
      Add more linker flags for referenced libraries. Necessary when
      Add instructions for symbol lookup
      Don't display an Error if there actually wasn't one.
      Final batch of fixed linker arguments. The standard configuration now builds on windows.
      I18n cleanup; mark forgotten strings for translation
      Remove unneeded extra directory separator
      Clean up linker flags for optional packages as well
      Remove linking against module to stop the whining about currently broken MacOSX build. Needs to be fixed on an architectural basis sooner or later.
      Remove translation macros so that this unused file isn't included in
      Updated Norwegian translation by Tor Harald Thorland; Translated 2523 out of 3713.
      I18n cleanup; mark forgotten strings for translation
      Updated German translation - 3536 out of 3615 done.

David Hampton (39):
      Use the pointer to the commodity as a hash key instead of looking up
      Add a couple of calls to the component manager when closing the
      Remove all usage of gnc_get_current_session / book / whatever except
      The account quickfill has multiple components to it, only one of which
      Change a reference to the Next button to now refer to the Forward
      More references to "Next" that should now say "Forward".
      Cache the result of a gconf lookup for a currency choice.  Add a new
      Relabel column titles from "XXX (Report)" to a label that includes the
      Use a font size of "smaller" when printing to the splash
      Remove extra events added in r13483.  This leaves the REMOVE event as
      Remove functions to be deprecated in libqof2. (Pass One - trivial
      Remove more functions to be deprecated in libqof2. (Pass Two - more
      Never include "config.h" from a header file. Doing so makes it nigh
      Remove more functions to be deprecated in libqof2. (Pass Three - more
      Restore clickable links for price quotes.
      Finish removing deprecated QOF functions.
      Show newly created windows when restoring the second and subsequent
      Change the output from this file to use g_message instead of g_warning
      Walk through the list of plugins installed in a window and uninstall
      The account tree model event handler needs to be more robust in the
      Update the quickfill to watch for accounts being added/removed from
      Finish removing the redundant list of valid strings maintained by the
      Replace the changes in r13361 with a better method for determining
      Andrew Sackville-West's changes to add the ability to lookup the
      Andrew Sackville-West's patch to show zero balance entries in the
      Andrew Sackville-West's patch to tidy up the multi-currency handling
      Tweak a couple of tooltips. Try and make it clear that the commodity
      Add a new per-page callback to tell the page to finish any pending
      Fix a warning message.
      Leave the accounts unordered in the engine.  Switch the g-wrap
      Don't create a new window for a page if there's already an open blank
      Treat the file name as utf8 when finding the file name for the window
      Move the computation of accounting period balances into the model and
      Add a wrapper function for g_utf8_collate that handles checking for
      Collapse duplicated code into a single function.
      Use the stable sort function from Account.c to back up the user
      Add a "book saved" hook.  Use this to update the window titles after a
      Enhance the quickfill event handler to detect changes in whether an
      Pass a dialog pointer through the scm code and back to the C error

Derek Atkins (13):
      properly ignore the return value of fgets().  Fixes an FC4 error.
      gstdio.h and g_mkdir are in glib-2.6 -- use old APIs with glib-2.4.
      Fix the definition of QOF_EVENT_BASE; use QOF_EVENT__LAST for tests.
      Define and emit two new events when splits are added/removed from accounts.
      gnc:get-account-from-full-name requires two args, not three (#334170)
      put ".links" into lib so rm -rf works properly from the top-level
      Make sure we translate the button label string.
      translate "Thank you.." string.
      fix the build-order (and install order) of the engine libs.
      * lib/libqof/backend/file/qsf-backend.c:  add <locale.h>
      Move sources to remove the libgw-engine dependency.
      move file-backend dependency from core to core/file.
      Missed a backslash.  Oops.

Joshua Sled (3):
      Mods for ebuild to be used as an SVN ebuild.
      Bug#333532: Add multi-commodity SX support.
      Fix initial SX perf sensitivity.

Neil Williams (12):
      updated en_GB translation, 3724 translated
      fix plural message error that msgfmt -c and KBabel missed
      allow recursive copying of gncEntry from a gncInvoice
      allow recursive copying of gncEntry from a gncInvoice
      Optional XSL stylesheets and support - prototypes
      Move qof_book_merge to new naming convention and deprecate old code
      Update status; this
      Doxygen tweak
      Remove deprecated
      Make xsl/ available for installation and therefore packaging.
      Synchronise with QOF 0.6.3. Correct map handling to allow reverse operations and iteration over hierarchical objects. Improving debug messages and preventing a crash when loading a map directly. Standardise QSF backend on gint and gchar. Add new map file.
      bring library versions into line with QOF 0.6.3

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