gnucash 1.9.2 at 13499: Multiple changes pushed

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Mon Mar 31 00:43:46 EDT 2014

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   tagging  3e340fa433271d350a4cccf7c547ababbf7724b9 (commit)
  replaces  1.9.1 at 13314
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Mon Mar 6 01:44:39 2006 +0000

'update to release 1.9.2'

Andreas Köhler (1):
      Remove add_tearoffs from glade files; some automatic scrollbars

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update to release 1.9.2

Christian Neumair (44):
      Factor out a compat definition of GTK_TREE_SORTABLE_UNSORTED_SORT_COLUMN_ID
      Explictly require gtk2.6 for conditionally compiled code that needs it.
      Add a local copy of GtkTreeModelSort from gtk 2.8.12.  Our local copy is
      Use glib's slice allocator in favor of GMemChunks for glib >= 2.9.
      Move the code that (usually) ensures value/amount consistency for Splits
      Avoid qof-dirtying Accounts when Splits or Lots are inserted or removed.
      Mark the GNC_LOT QofCollection dirty whenever a Lot changes.
      Mark the QofCollection as dirty when a new QofEntity is added or removed.
      Remove uses of deprecated qof_session_get_current_session() and
      Files accidentally left out of previous commit (r13355).
      Avoid instantiating the current session until we're actually opening a file.
      No need to run the BOOK_OPENED hook twice when open a book.
      Convert Lots from a QofEntity to a QofInstance.
      Use correct function name qof_instance_set_dirty.
      Add some comments, error checks, ENTER/LEAVE balances and a special-case
      Separate the Split functions from Transaction.c into Split.c.
      Dirty Splits when they change.
      When we malloc a Transaction, then TransBeginEdit, then want to abort,
      Since QOF no longer keeps track of the "current" session,
      Implement QOF_COMMIT_EDIT_PART2 as a function instead of a macro.
      Keep track of exactly how many bytes we've sent to md5_process_bytes().
      Use function version of QOF_COMMIT_EDIT_PART2.
      Make register use engine-provided xaccTransHasReconciledSplits() instead
      Make register use engine-provided xaccTransGetAccountAmount() instead of
      Make register use engine-provided xaccTransGetAccountBalance() instead
      Make register use engine-provided xaccTransGetAccountConvRate() instead of
      Remove two slightly different definitions of
      Splits can now keep track of their own rollback state.
      Remove some testing of an engine API that has been removed.
      A good bit of notes about how the Transaction Begin/Commit
      Move one data-validation function from Scrub.c into Transaction.c
      The xaccTransRollbackEdit() part of the Begin/Commit edit-block rewrite.
      Remove xaccAccountRemoveSplit, and xaccAccountInsertSplit.
      Bits to let the register see the in-progress Transaction edit.
      Remove an unnecessary Account edit-block.
      Delete unused dialog-exchange.h
      Look for orphan Splits even when there is no Transaction imbalance.
      Generate REMOVE events when a Split is removed from a Transaction.
      Destroy Transactions without rebalancing when shutting down the book.
      When the book is shutting down, don't be so eager to destroy the whole
      Use for-each, lambda expressions for iterating over split lists.
      Convert xaccTransGetSplit() and xaccTransCountSplits() to return the
      ChangeLog updates from 'svn log -v'
      Don't force a resort of Account's split lists during xaccTransCommitEdit().

Christian Stimming (16):
      Updated French translation by Didier Vidal
      Fix typos
      Updated German translation - 3568 out of 3738 done.
      Make gchar argument const because it is only used as a const.
      Get MT940 importer compile again (experimental; requires
      Don't allow placeholder be selected for importing transactions. Fixes bug#327891.
      Let the account matcher accept a parent widget to avoid windows that
      Aqbanking-1.3.0 (released 2005-08-11) is sufficient for MT940 import.
      Updated German translation - 3617 out of 3737 done.
      Remove unknown typedefs with older aqbanking
      Updated French translation by Didier Vidal
      Greek account templates converted to UTF-8, by Nikos Charonitakis
      More work on mt940 import, #325170. Unfortunately not yet error-free.
      Add clarifying comment to weird directory function, better to be replaced by the appropriate glib function.
      Finally, successfully implemented mt940	import. Completed #325170.
      Fix missing variable initialization in Chris' changes. Fixes the

David Hampton (50):
      If the number of "visible to the user" lines in the register has
      Remove forced screen updates that are no longer necessary.
      HIGify the scheduled transaction dialogs.
      Use a spin_box instead of an entry for the 'occurrences' and
      Don't reference uninitialized memory.
      Compile cleanly with when _FORTIFY_SOURCE is defined.  This definition
      Update spec file from RH8 to FC4.
      Ignore some files.
      Catch and defer the quit command if a file save is in progress.
      Disable quote related functionality when F::Q isn't installed.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to prevent a crash in the register date picker
      Two fixes from Andreas Köhler.  One fixes 331183, the problem where
      Fix from Andreas Köhler to deactivate the toolbar split button in an
      Provide a callback whereby the core register code can tell the upper
      Cleanup patch from Andreas Köhler.
      Add the example gtkrc-2.0.gnucash file to the tarball.
      Minor code cleanup and consolidations.
      Fix a misspelled word.
      Andrew Sackville-West's to pass the rignt number of arguments to
      Remove unnecessary menu item. The same functionality exists in the
      Provide the right edit menu sensitivity for the register page.
      Remember the order in which the notebook tabs are referenced. When
      Mark a couple of function arguments as const.
      Restore GtkOptionMenu support because the newer GtkComboBox doesn't
      Create a consolidated directory for distribution specific scripts.
      Move a couple of ditro specific files.
      Remove old distro specific directories.
      Fix configure for the new packaging directory.
      Add the ebuild script to the tarball.
      Fix format character for a size argument.
      Check for the existence of a page before dereferencing it. Fixes
      Add 'const' qualifiers to various functions.
      Convert the reconcile window from the old GnomeUIInfo menu/toolbar
      Remove a unused function that calls deprecated gnome routines.
      Set the GNOME_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flag for gnome versions up to 2.13.7.
      Andreas Köhler's patch to correctly build a html color value. Fixes
      Collapse the common parts of the "new account" and "edit account"
      Rework of Sylvain Defresne's patch to support multi-byte unicode
      Convert all locations that parse input using the locale
      Move the storage for the account separator character into Account.c
      Convert the account separator from a single character to a character
      Update the preferences dialog to allow any unicode character as the
      Make g_strv_length available outside of the gkeyfile compatability
      Fix duplicate account name checking bug that prevented editing account
      Rename a data structure field.
      Rework the events generated by the account/group files and consumed by
      Fix typo in commit message.
      Consolidate the new icons with the existing set of icons.
      Move/fix the callbacks function that kills any open registers for an
      Use utf8 collation routines when sorting splits in a register.  Also,

Derek Atkins (14):
      Allow nested begin/commit in xaccTransSetTxnType().  Fixes #331771.
      * fix the qof configure test for OSX.
      include gtk-compat.h so we build against gtk-2.4.
      force a build from svn to have access to svn version info.
      add QOF_LIBS to link line because debian libtool is broken.
      Rework of Titi Ala'ilima's patch to apply payments directly to invoices. (#121420)
      Don't need to translate placeholder labels.
      Bill Nottingham's spelling fix.
      Andrew Sackville-West's patch to add transaction links.
      error out on g-wrap-1.3, gcc4, and error-on-warning.  Fixes #330615.
      Fix a compiler warning so the code builds properly:
      * change the g-wrap 1.3 + GCC4 behavior.
      A different tact to test enable-error-on-warning.
      Don't suggest that users use --enable-error-on-warning

Joshua Sled (30):
      Fix GNC_EVENT_* values.
      slightly better values.
      A different approach to ensuring that a (unique) relevent split from the currently-pending transaction is always in the split list before we load it.
      remove dup ChangeLog entry.
      Fix "default limit" QOF eventing stuff; thanks Andi.
      Bug#332359: use correct labels for x-axis.
      note bug
      Increment TOTD index on dialog init.
      Add ebuild for gnucash 1.9/2.0 series.
      remove cairo as a dep.
      Remove web browser "report".
      consistent whitespace.
      Update gwrap details, URL.
      Add account-deletion handling for SXes.  Bug#312730.
      fix signature for qof changes I missed.
      Andreas Kohler's patch for barchart improvements: segment color setting, axis rotation and formatting.
      Bug#137885: prevent crash on invalid function formula.
      Bug#332804: fix infinite loop in parsing malformed functions (e.g. "ipmt(1:2:)").
      Bug#332802: fix Export Accounts; remove `price_lookup` and `export` functions from GncFileBackend.
      Terminate GOptionEntry array, preventing warnings and/or errors parsing command-line options.
      Fix SXEDITOR help target.
      Fixes to memory deallocation suggested by Phil Longstaff.
      Add, register, use Split and Transfer icons provided by Andrew Duggan.  Bug#327647.
      Fix selection mode for SX lists.
      Modify schema mkdirs by DESTDIR for packaging.
      Fix test errors, then failures.
      Add checks for libgsf and goffice being built_with_use gnome.  Add code to shutdown any user-level gconfd's running.  Add note about broken make_desktop_entry.  Expand range of README installs.

Neil Williams (11):
      remove unnecessary (and soon to be moved) header file
      removing more unneeded headers with move pending
      replacing gnc-event with qofevent
      prepare for QOF 0.6.2 release
      ChangeLog entries
      moderating the deprecated handler log entry
      replacing the macro to restore programme flow
      using new events with object argument
      simplify creation of new application events
      updated en_GB translation, 3725 messages translated
      undoing kbabel changes to po header

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