gnucash gnome2-merge-11 at 10387,: Multiple changes pushed

John Ralls jralls at
Mon Mar 31 00:44:12 EDT 2014

        at (tag)
   tagging  0edf43de5dee617f2dbba0beaf659cee36ba016b (commit)
  replaces  aqbanking-merge-2 at 10284,
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Thu Dec 23 18:27:33 2004 +0000

Correct error message.

Benoit Grégoire (2):
      2004-10-08  Benoit Gr�goire <bock at>
      2004-10-24  Benoit Gr�goire <bock at>

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update for stable release 1.8.10

Christian Stimming (17):
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      More HBCI work.
      Fix unexpected aqbanking version number.
      Updated HBCI readme.
      Mark search criteria for translation.
      Upgrade required aqbanking version number to the most recent required version.
      Change currency mnemonic for "New Israeli Shekel" from "ILS" to
      Identified and fixed several places with
      Add configure check for libofx version
      Improve importer performance.
      Fix division by zero error in tax report
      Decrease the amout of log messages
      Remove obsolete file from potfile list. Sorry.
      Remove empty obsolete file
      Fix hbci library initialization and problems with missing setup wizard application.

David Hampton (1):
      Correct error message.

Derek Atkins (19):
      Andreas Rottmann's patch to support g-wrap 1.9.
      Forgot to commit ChangeLog last night.
      Don't crash when someone imports a broken QIF (#155244).
      Daniel Lindenaar's patch for posting invoices.
      Neil Williams' QOF book merge patch #1.
      Neil Williams' QOF Book Merge Patch #2.
      Phil Longstaff's patch to prevent duplicate pricedb entries.
      Heath Martin's x86_64 patch.
      James Strandboge's "Easy Invoice" patch.
      Fix parameter order to match C file (thanks for Erwin Rieger).
      * src/business/business-ledger/ add explicit
      Stephen Evanchik's trace crash patch.
      Set the query search type in the vendor dialog (#141526).
      Send an 'invoice modified' event when a payment is applied (#139092).
      Increase the max dup-trans number to 1Bill (#152772).
      Include libxml headers during compile (#121026).
      Get test-numeric working.
      Neil Williams' patch to fix the book-merge test.
      Rich Johnson's patch to include private structures in the doxygen docs.

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