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Mon Mar 31 00:44:27 EDT 2014

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 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Wed Jul 20 19:21:12 2005 +0000

Revert build system file removal. Needs a major overhaul, not only single file removals.

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update to release 1.8.11

Christian Stimming (40):
      Add de_DE tax categories.
      Further improvement for libofx version check
      Fix code before declarations.
      Add comment about potentially missing const in function declaration
      More work with German tax categories.
      Fix gcc4 warning about superfluous const as pointed out by #162635
      Add warnings about using the included spec file with caution.
      add changelog msg
      Add explanation on how to test the HBCI features with the public HBCI test server.
      Improve German tax categories
      More German tax work.
      Improve HBCI code.
      Fix wrong user message
      Make experimental locale-specific taxes depending on configure switch.
      Fix HBCI date range for statement download.
      Revert the change in December about date matching threshold.
      Force account dirty after modifying its kvp_frame.
      Fix aqbanking wizard calling convention
      Improve error handling in HBCI operations.
      Further error checking improvements
      Improve HBCI balance download.
      Fix character encodings of imported transactions.
      HBCI behaviour and encoding improvements.
      Fix warning about deprecated aqbanking function in aqbanking-1.0.7
      Add Kinyarwanda translation.
      Improve handling of purpose lines
      Fix forgotten NULL check.
      Add Vietnamese glossary translation
      Improve HBCI debugging messages.
      Add backend selection dialog
      Further HBCI improvements.
      Add sanity checks and ask user when there are no purpose lines.
      Fix handling of debit notes.
      Fix potential problem with returned NULL values
      Eventually remove auto-generated files from CVS
      Add cvsignores
      2005-07-17  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add cvsignores
      Add macro name quotation
      Revert build system file removal. Needs a major overhaul, not only single file removals.

David Hampton (6):
      Better error reporting. Don't uppercase the symbol name.
      Tell guile to be noisy about deprecated functions.
      Fix some warnings about deprecated guile functions.
      Add two new (well... changed) currencies.
      I believe the 1.8 series is stable now.
      Add the new Romanian Leu.

Derek Atkins (16):
      John Ellson's patch to fix some gcc4 warnings (bug #162582).
      Chris Shoemaker's gnc-trace patch.
      Chris Shoemaker's typo-fix patch.
      * Neil William's patch to remove static mergeData context.
      Properly accumulate splits (bug #165053).
      David Montenegro's patch for bugs #95551, #124367.
      Thomas Bushnell's patch to protect non-backup pruning (#164875).
      Fix ACCOUNT_NSCU Qof Param getter.
      Neil Williams' QOF sync patch.
      * src/engine/Account.c:
      Add extra debugging (#165571).
      Make sure us.scm is distributed.
      Fix leap-year computation in the 'last_mday' computation.
      Fix leap-year computation in the 'last_mday' computation.
      Fix to find glade symbols on some *BSD systems.
      * acinclude.m4: Add mips, mipsel, arm, and m68k for Debian.

Neil Williams (1):
      Fix double free of the targetList, Add kvp_value_to_bare_string

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