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John Ralls jralls at
Mon Mar 31 00:44:38 EDT 2014

        at (tag)
   tagging  604c46c06256c6c52f7d608786fd4ee3019133d4 (commit)
  replaces  gnome2-merge-3-pre at 8873,
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Wed Sep 17 13:49:48 2003 +0000

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Benoit Grégoire (1):
      2003-07-26  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>

Chris Lyttle (1):
      update for 1.8.5 release

Christian Stimming (9):
      Add include stdlib.h to fix compiler warning.
      2003-07-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix stupid compiler warning.
      Updated required OpenHBCI version number.
      2003-08-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Add warning in docs about xaccSplitSetBaseValue
      2003-08-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Merge account templates from 1-8-branch into HEAD so that they won't
      2003-09-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>

David Hampton (10):
      The basic ignores.
      Add new test file.
      Collapse the gnc_xxx_dialog_parented function into the corresponding
      Remove junk file.
      Add a new entry.
      Move the splash screen code to another directory.
      Account for move of gnc-split.c.
      Fix bug in computing cleared balance.
      Remove empty file
      Remove RCS 'Id' tags from files.

Derek Atkins (42):
      * search for db-4.1.  Fixes #116509.
      * src/gnome-util/dialog-transfer.c: fix a bunch more rounding
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c: change the description
      * src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm: fix some labels and
      * src/report/standard-reports/register.scm: add Debit and Credit
      * src/backend/file/gnc-backend-file.c:  Don't need to set the
      * src/import-export/qif/...
      * src/import-export/qif/...
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c: be sure to delete the book's KVP when we
      * src/engine/gnc-book.c: be sure to delete the book's KVP when we
      * src/engine/Backend.h: add a new error, ERR_BACKEND_READONLY
      Fix a comment pointer (gnc.gwp no longer exists)
      * src/backend/file/gnc-backend-file.c: don't make the chmod() and
      * src/app-file/gnc-file.c: fix the message to be more appropriate
      * src/backend/postgres/PostgresBackend.c: Added pgendGetBook(),
      build log-replay before test
      Fix the DIST_SUBDIRS
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-date-edit.c: hide the calendar popup
      * src/business/business-gnome/business-gnome.scm: remove
      * src/import-export/qif/ -- add functionality to merge multiple
      * src/import-export/qif-context.c: add functions to get the list
      reorder the transaction lists to be ordered per the qif files
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-account-tree.c: add "(Report)" strings
      Support "gain/loss" balancing splits on stocks:
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.c: set the date-entered on
      * src/gnome/druid-loan.c: Apply patch to fix a number of
      * src/gnome/reconcile-list.c: our parent is a gnc-query-list, not
      * src/*/ Make sure we define PWD, as not all shells
      Matthew Vanecek's patch:
      * src/backend/file/sixtp.c: Add code to read XML files with real
      * rpm/ add gnucash.spec to the DIST; clean during
      Jon Lapham's new README
      Matthew Vanneck's Postgres patch:
      Jon Lapham's patch (from July 4!) to the translation HOWTO:
      Need to insert 1.5.1, not 1.5.0 when building new tables.
      Apply Nigel Titley's patch to fix #103174:
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c:  during the dialog startup it
      * src/engine/engine-helpers.c:  turn off scheme garbage collection
      * src/business/business-core/file/gnc-*.c:
      * src/import-export/ofx/gnc-ofx-import.c:  use <libofx/libofx.h>
      * src/backend/postgres/test/ small fix from
      Update to 1.8.7

Linas Vepstas (178):
      testing 1 2 3
      remove test file
      testing 1 2 3
      continue hacking on UI
      add documentation
      bugfix: add "changed" callback for the yearly_spin spin button
      temp intermediate stuff
      allow null pointer to be safely passed as arg
      add some more date utilities
      add documentation
      more misc hacking
      add misc gnome textbox utils
      ifdef-out the gnome2 port of these utilities
      o rationalize default value setup/initialization
      oops try again
      more hacking
      add more tracing levels
      more hacking
      add title, notes to book
      fix typo
      implement the KVP utilities that have always been needed.
      ongoing hacking
      misc updates
      documentation updates
      bug fix
      bug fix
      remove documentation cruft
      Convert tabs to 8 spaces
      this should improve file-load performance a bit
      chasing wild geese ...
      correct inconsistent documentation
      cleanup/rearrange for multiple books
      change tracing
      ignore more
      restructuring to save multipel books in separate files
      continuing cleanup to support multiple books
      cleanups, tweaks to support mutiple book saving
      add a to-do note ...
      cleanup the save logic
      fix traceback printing
      misc cleanup
      misc hacking
      bug fix; after this fix, I think book splitting works (except
      misc cleanup
      misc cleanup related to book closing
      update status
      start adding support for Lots
      handle Lots when closing Periods
      update status
      bug fix
      bug fix
      bug fix, must scrub lots first, else hopeless confusion will reign
      bug fix
      bug fix
      redesign gemini API to be more generically useful
      add tracing printfs
      cleanup tracing print
      add debugging printfs
      translate currency names
      status update
      backing out a fundamentally incorrect entry
      reverting incorrect changes; this file *must* call old/obsolte column
      fix minor bug; also, fix copyright, as LDG wrote approximately 0% of this code.
      update todo list
      todo list update
      add to todo list
      add traversal marker
      fix transaction and lot 'preening' when closing books
      add function trace
      fix recursion bug
      crude attempt to add price query
      fix GDB instructions
      start work to trimm price when closing books.
      fix core dump
      start trying to fix how the price db begin-edit/end-edit so that
      more changes to prune the price db on book closing
      disable events
      remove spectacularly brain-damaged implementation of 'ForEach'
      add commodity_table_copy, commodity_copy routines.
      copy commodity tables when closing books
      fix anotehr stupid bug I introduced seconds ago
      more silly bug fixes for bugs I just introduced a few hours ago
      I hate the xml file backend
      valgrind memory-checker suppression file
      update instructions for hacking gnucash
      scripts to run the valgrind memory debugger
      add notes
      add valgrind suppression file
      valgrind wasn't useful ...
      more instructions
      whacky memory bug, I don't understand why.
      bug fix
      bug fix -- don't bring forward balances that are zero
      update docs
      add print functions for more query types
      enhance debug printing
      cleanup docs
      more doc revisions
      add debug prints
      flesh out pricedb query so that it actually works
      move definition of price to global file; fix dox
      implement moving of old prices into closed books.
      perform sort only if needed
      with theese fixes, book closing now officially beta
      status update -- official beta 2
      fix coredump
      status updates
      start prototype lot editor
      provide additional trace granularity (for tracing commodities)
      wedge the lot viewer prototype into the menu system
      update documentation
      add easy-to-use kvp value getters.  This and the setters previously added
      start of prototype lot viewer
      start of lot-viwer prototype
      work on lot viewer prototype
      install lot viewer into various menus
      add default lot title
      misc cleanup
      split out lot-scrubbing utility routine for independent use
      update status section
      add buttons to lot viewer gui; disable lot viwer when no acount selected
      fill out more of the lot-viewer prototype
      make menu entry insensitive when no account selected;
      start work on cap-gains infrastructure
      go live with first cut of cap gains
      refactor the 'gemini' kvp utilities to make them more generally useful.
      fix bugs, add features to auto-cap-gains system.
      accidentally worked with down-level copy. Ouch! undo damage
      bug fixes
      display cap gains in lot viewer
      String needs to be i18n'ed
      bug fixes
      add more columns to lot viewer
      status updates
      bug fixes: fix sign of gains, show balance
      bug fix cap gains lookup
      add more notes
      update docos
      run it through a smelling checker
      remove pointless maloc/free, should improve file load performance a
      remove pointless malloc/free, should improve file load performance a
      bug fix, hash keys need to be malloced, this fixes a core dump
      update status
      merge from auto-cap-gains branch: gains dates now track the dates on
      micro tweak
      misc cleanup for closing window, etc.
      bug fixes to get display right
      merge changes from the cap-gains2 branch:
      cleanup during hunt for fields to wrap
      bug fix the scrub account button
      urghhh strange indentation
      update instructions
      clarify currency change
      merege from the cap-gains3 branch:
      tweak dialog for a many-to-one mapping
      tweak broen popup logic
      fix incorrect log-level usage
      fix incorrect usage of log level
      fix incorrect usage of loglevel
      fix or remove usage of old/deprecated/obsolete routines
      remove tests for deprecated/obsolete values
      remove cruddy print
      clean up error message
      review query usage for register redraw
      review excess register redraw callbacks
      -- Change gnc-trace.h to use the glib g_log() routine for all error
      add note on how to work with log/trace messages
      merge cahnges from the cap-gains5 development branch,
      merge branch cap-gains6:
      document the financial constraints that operate in the gnucash engine
      more descriptions

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