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John Ralls jralls at
Mon Mar 31 00:44:40 EDT 2014

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   tagging  7df71c8c1fad66ef9039081b28cc6f0e40fc92e7 (commit)
  replaces  gnome2-merge-3-post at 9352,
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Oct 25 00:02:54 2003 +0000

Remove unused files.

Christian Stimming (7):
      Fix linker bug with libktoblzcheck and hbci module.
      Fix CFLAGS (merged from gnome2)
      2003-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-10-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-10-20  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-10-21  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>

David Hampton (6):
      Turn off noise.
      Remove extraneous labels.
      Move function declarations to the right header file.  Document them as
      Use the generic import account picker.
      Remove unused files.
      Remove unused files.

Derek Atkins (5):
      * src/engine/gnc-date.h: add a comment about minimum string length
      * src/backend/postgres/gncquery.c:  Linas broke SQL when we renamed
      qofqueryobject.c -> qofclass.c
      * src/app-utils/prefs.scm:
      * Added GPL boilerplates to many of my files.

Linas Vepstas (117):
      fix bad usage/mem leak
      remove obsolecte code
      doco updates
      merg changes from the cap-gains7 branch. These include:
      wrappers for special handling of data when data is being loaded
      bug fix: need to recompute cap gains when the initial lot opening
      move code from transaction.c to cap-gains.c
      more rigorous transaction commit code shows up buglets in the register;
      bugfix test for subsplits
      restructure lot code, part one
      move low-level API routines to scrub2, high-level to Scrub3
      make changes for lot management high-level API
      price scrub tweak
      tweaks; add wrappers for lot title, lot notes
      use wrappers for lot title, lot notes
      add new kvp glist function;
      bug fix for merging pairs of splits together
      status updates
      get rid of dorky GUI callbacks
      move GUI popup messages out of the engine; this seemed like a better
      warning message should be translated
      add include file for gui popups
      fix copyrights/credits
      add missing bugs warning callback
      add bogus gui popup code
      update readme file to reflect current status
      spell check
      quick whack to add LIFO accounting policy (in addition to FIFO)
      add kvp frame to customer
      add kvp io to customer file
      delete debian directory as per  "James A. Treacy" <treacy at>
      rename QOF_QUERYCORE_DATE to QOF_TYPE_DATE so taht these can be used
      rename QofQueryObject to QofParam to better describe what this thing
      rename QofQueryObejct to QofParam to better reflect its acutal purpose
      documentation/cosmetic cleanup
      add setters to the query object
      rename qof_query_object to qof_class to better represent what this
      change include files
      add status
      gnc objects have a lot in common.  This thingy will try to
      fix deref
      add kvp data to bill term struct so that we can use it to store
      change to use qofinstance as well
      start filling in some of the blanks
      tweaks qof instance on the way to closing books
      make the gemini code generic
      start adding customer-copying code, for closing of periods
      iobject twiddling, in prep for making copies of tax tables for period
      clear teh dirty flag
      work to make copies of the bill term ...
      fix handling of account commodities when closing periods
      shuffling to get periods to work
      add license
      add documentation license, twin function
      change Account to use qofinstance
      use qofinstance in accounts
      handle cloning of bill terms when archiving cusotomer
      add support for tax tables in the period closing
      Notes about how gncBiilTerm/ gncTaxTable work
      changes to copy tax term, bill table children correctly
      oops, missed a spot ...
      copy tax table entries, add doxygen support
      add notes about linkage
      final tweaks
      add is_dirty getter
      change job to use qofinstance
      implement job clone, update stauts notes, update documentation
      start work to clone owner
      add qofinstance to vendor
      start work to make ids/entities/objects a little less wonky
      rehash old hashes  ... ugh. this to replace gncBusiness in a little while.
      this file will be obsoleted/replaced by whizbang new qofid shortly.
      fix/simplify kvp usage
      fix/simplify slots usage (SetSlots_nc is going away)
      merge first round of entity rework back into head branch
      misc minor tweaks to bring into line with the engine entity work
      merge from entity-mess branch: minor tweaks to bring into line
      missed converting employee in prior cycle
      oops, bad definition for backwards compat
      purge old include files
      remove vestiges of prior incomkplete gnc->qof renaming scheme changes
      missed some old stuff
      fix old change
      renamce GNCBook ->QofBook
      oops, left out some importnat includes
      add a reminder to fix the failing testcases,
      add a book-foreach-collection routine
      Misc fixes to allow the postgres backend to compile w/ the entity makeover
      changes to use more generic 'collection of entities' functions
      changes to use generic 'collection-of-entities' functions instead of
      oops, missed another one
      bugfix: the object needs to have a valid book passed to it to pass
      fix up the way the test cases test for the 'dirty' flag; add notes to
      change address to use entity instead of naked guid
      change event generation API to use entities instead of raw GUID's
      bug-fix: make check test-period now passes
      oops, obsoleted one routine a little too quick.
      add documentation, add safety check
      add runtime-cast typesafety checks.
      add clone functions to employee, misc minor cleanup to bill term entity funcs
      remove set_guid from customer, add clone to vendor
      remove SetGuid function
      fix currency cloning usage
      more cloning of stuff.
      more cloning; update status in BusPeriod.c
      staple in the invoice clone routines
      start writing up an overview of how teh business objects work
      add misc documentation/notes

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