gnucash-docs: New Branch '2.6.8'

John Ralls jralls at
Sat Sep 26 17:12:26 EDT 2015

        at (tag)
   tagging  e1626936d23782ed8f0c491dfd0f4971345f1f18 (commit)
  replaces  2.6.7
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Sep 26 14:11:25 2015 -0700

Tag 2.6.8

Chris Good (5):
      Add warnings to not manually edit AR or AP transactions Bug 705309
      Publish my Authorship
      Document Billing Terms Editor and Tax Table Editor Bug 705309
      Dummy commit to remove renamed png files Bug 705309
      Help Business Setp, add ref to Pref, Business Bug 705309

David (3):
      Numerous editorial changes to improve Chapter 1: Overview in the Guide
      Bug 754136 - Tutorial Chapter 4 Edits
      Bug 692961 - Update Chapter 6.3 in Tutorial

Geert Janssens (5):
      Merge branch 'corr_ch_bus_ap' of git:// into maint
      Fix xmllint errors introduced in previous commit
      Fix xmllint errors in previous commit
      Fix listitem and note elements in the new price quote documentation
      Fix indexitem element which got introduced in commit d8b0cf3071035f

John Ralls (12):
      Bug 746998 - "Months Remaining" spinbox in Loan Assistant is non-obvious
      Bug 752332 - Cannot post bill using CAD currency
      Comment out note in place that doesn't comply with DTD.
      Fix double hyphen inside comment block.
      Document price input, editing, and storage.
      Bug 705309 Document Billing Terms Editor and Tax Table Editor.
      Fix a couple of minor tagging errors.
      Reorganize Help's Transfer Dialog page per Dave Carlson's suggestion.
      Add ch_invest.xml to
      Fix invalid links that broke make check.
      Fix listelements lacking a para inside them.
      Release 2.6.8

Mechtilde Stehmann (51):
      Initial commit - Vendors
      First part of translation
      Further translation of ch_bus_ap
      translation of ch_bus_ap complete
      Correction of typos etc.
      add screenshots and small corrections
      add chapter 13 to gnucash-guide.xml
      correct tag
      add linked file and new files to
      add ch_bus_ar
      translated the missing paragraph
      some more translation and screenshots
      finishing translation of A/R
      starting translation ch_invest.xml
      some more translations
      even more translation
      still more translation
      more translation
      commit for screenshots
      more translation
      translation for pull request
      add chapter to gnucash-guide.xml
      correction of typos in guide/de/ch_oview.xml
      add parts from the Englisch original
      correct typos
      typos and small corrections
      add parts from English text
      more changes to update ch_basics
      more changes to update ch_basics
      some more translation to update ch_basics
      more translation
      last build problems
      update guide/de/gnucash-guide
      update ch alltogether
      finishing guide/de/ch_basics
      screenshots in German
      add more screenshots
      small corrections
      more corrections
      add part from English
      more from English parts
      more update
      add German screenshots
      more translation and screenshots in German
      some more translations
      more translation and screenshots
      corr build failure
      more German scrennshots
      small corrections
      more screenshots and translation
      add screenshots and translation finished

Mike Evans (1):
      Single spelling correction.

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