gnucash: New Branch '2.6.8'

John Ralls jralls at
Sat Sep 26 17:25:35 EDT 2015

        at (tag)
   tagging  12f760228c7d453795928342bcaa66232b9ef6f9 (commit)
  replaces  2.6.7
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Sep 26 12:06:35 2015 -0700

Tag 2.6.8

Alex Aycinena (2):
      Correct wording on AUTHORS and DOCUMENTERS
      Remove e-mail form AUTHORS and DOCUMENTERS

Bastien Scher (1):
      Fix two French strings

Geert Janssens (16):
      Bug 752035 - Transaction Report Filter By not Always Working
      Small doxigen improvements to previous commit
      Drop function gnc_assistant_set_colors
      Gtk code cleanups: Fix obsolete use of GtkType type.
      Gtk code cleanups: Avoid GtkObject where possible
      Gtk code cleanups: consistently use new style key codes
      Gtk code cleanups: use gdk_window_get_width/height functions
      Gtk code cleanups: use G_TYPE_CHECK_* instead of obsolete GTK_CHECK_*
      Gtk code cleanups: GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAGS is deprecated
      Gtk code cleanups: drop custom arg type registration
      Gtk code cleanups: replace deprecated gdk_drawable_get_display with gdk_window_get_display
      Gtk code cleanups: drop use of deprecated GTK_CALENDAR_WEEK_START_ON_MONDAY
      Gtk code cleanups: Use accessor functions on GtkWidget instead of deprecated direct access
      Gtk code cleanups: Convert dense-cal from gdk_gc_* to cairo
      Gtk code cleanups: setting a default color map is deprecated
      Update after removal of assistant-utils.c

John Ralls (66):
      Change gtkmacintegration-gtk2 include directory back to gtkmacintegration.
      Update the copyright date for Help|About to 2015.
      Restore Date::Manip to quotes modules.
      Bug 749077 - wrongfully invalidating any account save location/path starting with ".gnucash"
      Initialize GError to NULL or it doesn't work.
      Bug 752204 - .gml2 files are modified during build
      Bug 752203 - `make check` fails in "":
      Bug 752204 - .gml2 files are modified during build, take 2.
      Bug 747795 - Attached file not found.
      Bug 746998 - "Months Remaining" spinbox in Loan Assistant is non-obvious
      Uninstall the python bindings.
      Bug 752879 - Finance::Quote TZ Date::Manip config variable is deprecated
      Make backend sync errors survive to the session.
      Improve the test-templates README and update the templates to current practice.
      Fix up and improve the Doxygen documentation in unittest-support.h.
      Add make_testfile suggestion to test-templates README.
      Bug 753146 - free(): invalid pointer on duplicate transaction
      Put the quotes back around the date string in gnc-fq-helper.
      Add note at the top to disuade users from contacting authors directly for support.
      Sort the source list from gnc-fq-check.
      Bug 754617 - Gnucash should use PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG
      Correct the Stock, Bond, Market Index, and Mutual Fund account types.
      Replace the price source and type strings with defines.
      Don't store prices of source invoice.
      Refactor gnc_xfer_dialog_response_cb with several extract-functions.
      Fix up whitespace in dialog-transfer.c.
      In the transfer dialog use the price_edit value for the saved price.
      Check for an existing price before adding one in split_reg.
      Edit split-based prices instead of adding.
      Price-quotes: Modify quotes on same day instead of creating new ones.
      Use price_value when referring to a gnc_numeric.
      Provide gnc_numeric_invert() convenience function.
      Rename _gnc_xfer_dialog_set_exchange_rate and use it consistently.
      Create a rounding policy for prices in the pricedb.
      Move gnc_numeric_invert to be not-inline.
      Flip return values of check_edit() and check_accounts().
      Fix gnc_numeric_invert to correctly handle negative values.
      Fix swap_amount so that it swaps the account pointers.
      Extract function round_price(), consistently apply it.
      Change CURRENCY_DENOM to 10000, matching what F::Q returns.
      Fix missing initialization of price_value.
      Adjust split_register to match transfer dialog checking inverted prices.
      Handle currencies with one-directional quotes and quotes < 1 in F::Q.
      Invert the F::Q price if there's already one in the other direction.
      Extract function lookup_price in dialog_transfer.c
      Fix whitespace error.
      Use an enum for internal representation of Price Sources.
      Recognize and handle reversed price quotes from gnc-fq-helper.
      Fold separate call of gnc_pricedb_lookup_latest() into lookup_price.
      Implement user-entered-price preference.
      Remove static function swap_amount(), not used.
      Export the price-source enums to Guile and use them in price-quotes.scm.
      Remove the preference for storing prices relative to the base currency.
      Remove unnecessary and harmful price rounding.
      Prevent F::Q from updating PRICE_SOURCE_EDIT_DLG prices.
      Merge branch 'single-price' into maint
      Set -std=gnu99, matching master.
      Fix warning about always-true condition.
      Correct the Stock, Bond, Market Index, and Mutual Fund account types in all locales.
      Fix rename failure for gnc_xfer_dialog_set_exchange_rate.
      Update all message catalogs with the 2.6.7 gnucash.pot and fix all warnings.
      Rearrange the LINGUAS as suggested by Frank Ellenberger in the wiki.
      Update the translations from the Translation project.
      Failing to add a price to the db isn't a test failure.
      Fix empty Language tag in tr.po.
      Release Gnucash-2.6.8

Matt (1):

Mechtilde (11):
      add translation for reports
      added more German translation
      even more German translation
      some more German translations
      New German translations - after sending the others to Frank
      More new German translation
      update translation
      some corrections
      update translation
      some translations
      corr some translations

Mike Alexander (1):
      Avoid passing invalid arguments to functions to get rid of some non-fatal asserts.

Mike Evans (1):
      Fix apparent typo preventing build.

yomlogs (1):
      Bug 724738 - Value in "Display Symbol" field not saved

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