gnucash maint: Multiple changes pushed

Christopher Lam clam at
Wed Jul 10 11:16:52 EDT 2019

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commit 9f40cac2541195dda848226620c7e1165443af55
Author: Christopher Lam <christopher.lck at>
Date:   Wed Jul 10 23:07:16 2019 +0800

    [taxinvoice] bugfix: remove option 'Report Currency'
    this option is useless; it does not enforce currency conversion, it
    was merely used for "Amount Due, XXX" currency-mnemonic. Remove this
    option, and modify code to use invoice currency instead.

commit 5112210e4221eaef51a35c35be1151c1f571a8dd
Author: Christopher Lam <christopher.lck at>
Date:   Wed Jul 10 22:01:13 2019 +0800

    [invoice] Payments should be shown in invoice by default
    If an invoice has payments already applied, by default the
    invoice-report should show payments.

commit 06e3fd4d2812220970c19700c27b82251ff21864
Author: Christopher Lam <christopher.lck at>
Date:   Sun Jul 7 19:50:46 2019 +0800

    [customer-summary] fix no-owner sorting properly
    this comparison now works for no-owner sorting. 3a927ce2a, second

Summary of changes:
 gnucash/report/business-reports/customer-summary.scm  | 4 ++--
 gnucash/report/business-reports/invoice.scm           | 2 +-
 gnucash/report/business-reports/taxinvoice.eguile.scm | 4 ++--
 gnucash/report/business-reports/taxinvoice.scm        | 8 +-------
 4 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

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