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Sat Jun 29 20:18:12 EDT 2019

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   tagging  7d4eea62e406937cc64e0abfa1237ee620c40a81 (commit)
  replaces  3.5
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Jun 29 17:17:58 2019 -0700

Release Documentation for GnuCash 3.6.

David Cousens (1):
      Draft Debit and Credits section

Frank H. Ellenberger (15):
      Replace most occurences of <emphasis> in help:transactions
      Help: Update 2 Preference images
      Guide/C: remove obsolete Report_Screen.png
      Use full words and sentences for reconciliation state in Help
      Update README
      Add screenshots of book options in help
      Add table id
      Use <equation> instead of <emphasis> in chapter basics
      Guide Bus: Add IDs to tables
      Guide: Move the FDL appendix into the appendix part
      Add common URLs to gnc-docbook.dtd
      Minor improvement of german translation feedback
      Replace a broken link to bugzilla (en,de)
      A few more URL entities
      Use url-bug-* entities instead of http:

John Ralls (1):
      Release Documentation for GnuCash 3.6.

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