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Sat Jun 29 20:18:34 EDT 2019

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   tagging  d42695e75a5b8865331694c9490c7446af7ebcc3 (commit)
  replaces  3.5
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Jun 29 16:38:09 2019 -0700

Release GnuCash 3.6

Adrian Panella (13):
      [numeric] Fix constructor from strings in range (0 ,1)
      Bug 646361 - Estimate budget option to have same amount in each budget period
      Bug 679800 - Shortcut to allow population of all budgeting periods
      Bug 676810 - Wrong accounting in multi-currency budget report
      [budget] Fix error in qof_book property path
      Bug 788157 - Open Budget Menu Item Doesn't Select Default Budget
      [Budget] Fix negative Numbers Not Colored Red
      Bug 781345 - Equity disregarded by budget totals
      Bug 577968 - Values are not stored by pressing <TAB> in budget page
      [budget] Remove unused code
      [budget report] Fix multiple currency budget rollup
      Bug 624176 - budget report - rollup-budget ignored
      Bug 689753- Budget Report: Neg Num Not Colored Red

Christoph Holtermann (5):
      fix for python3
      add options iOP
      make executable, remove double -o

Christopher Lam (92):
      [html-document] compact functions
      [html-style-sheet] modernize hash functions
      [business-prefs] tidy counter definitions
      [html-style-info] compact functions
      [guile-json] upgrade to latest version
      [guile-json] show better error messages
      [guile-json] remove dependency on srfi-43
      [utilities] add supporting functions for guile-json use
      [report] rewrite gnc:report-template-make-unique-name
      [report] rewrite gnc:report-template-has-unique-name?
      [commodity-utils] fix issue-deprecation-warning typo
      [test-commodity-utils] upgrade to 100% coverage of pricing funcs
      Merge branch 'maint' of into maint
      Bug 797188 - Default invoice prints credit note as invoice
      [report] inline args-to-defn
      [test-utilities] initial commit
      [guile-json] fix CMakeLists.txt
      [test-libgnucash-scm-utilities] renamed from test-utilities.scm
      [utilities] create general string-replace-substring
      [test-libgnucash-scm-utilities] amend info to explain comment fix
      [guile-json] add files to fix distcheck
      [libgnucash-scm-utilities] remove unneeded section in CMakeLists
      [reconcile-report] pull reconcile-report into separate file
      [trep-engine] modularise trep-engine
      [income-gst-statement] remove dependency on transaction.scm
      [general-ledger] remove dependency on transaction.scm
      [commodity-utils] refactor totalavg price calculator
      [commodity-utils] refactor inst price calculator
      [commodity-utils] refactor get-exchange-totals
      [commodity-utils] refactor get-exchange-cost-totals
      [commodity-utils] refactor resolve-unknown-comm
      [commodity-utils] remove price-is-not-zero? and work-done
      [commodity-utils] use scheme division instead of gnc-numeric
      [commodity-utils] simplify gnc:make-exchange-function
      [stylesheets] *reindent/delete-trailing-whitespace/untabify*
      [stylesheet-plain] compact functions
      [options] compact option-setter in generator
      [commodity-utils] partially revert eac79bd506395120
      [taxtxf] compact get-acct-tax-info
      [balsheet-pnl] Initial commit
      [balsheet-pnl] fix stress-options failure
      [report-gnome] fix whitespace
      [report-gnome] compact functions
      [balsheet-pnl] refinements to barchart
      [balsheet-pnl] chart: set report-currency to most used currency
      [balsheet-pnl] unrealized-gain calculator bugfix
      Bug 797240 - Multicolumn report not showing each report name
      Bug 797241 - Some reports skip transactions of the last day of the selected period
      [dialog-tax-table] implement renaming of Tax Table name
      [balsheet-pnl] link pnl->transaction-report inherits common-currency
      [aging] bugfix avoid report-crash when no APAR account exists
      [test-report-utilities] reactivate 'debugging tools' section
      Bug 797197 - Transaction report: Error message when sorting on month
      replace guile strftime with gnc-print-time64
      [view-column] compact loops, eradicate set!
      [view-column] various modernisation fixes
      [options] bugfix don't override inbuilt list keyword
      [i18n] fix translator comments to be visible to gettext
      [taxtxf] fix copy-n-paste error
      [trep-engine] allow csv export of grand-totals
      [test-transaction] add csv test
      [trep-engine] allow #f for friendly-fn
      [trep-engine] allow #:custom-source-accounts kwarg
      [trep-engine] addendum forgot to close file-port in 497e18c36
      [html-utilities] tighten code
      Bug 797277 - Assets over time ignores nested liabilities
      [html-acct-table] Further deprecate unused functions
      Deprecate unused function gnc:second-html-build-acct-table
      Deprecate unused code related to gnc:colspans-are-working-right
      [html-utilities] fix logic error in gnc:assign-colors
      [utilities] warn against using guile's strftime
      Bug 797262 - Change "Today date format"
      Set the summarybar currency to default_currency
      [html-acct-table] compact gnc-commodity-table
      [html-acct-table] compact gnc:html-make-nbsps
      Fix for import-match-picker "Balanced" amount currency
      [job-report] bugfix display amounts with owner currency
      [register] eradicate gnc-default-currency from .scm code
      [report-utilities] improve commodity-collector documentation
      [owner-report] upgrade find-first-account to seek currency as well
      [owner-report] timepair->time64
      [html-table] fix never-used function and deprecate
      [customer-summary] *delete-trailing-whitespace/untabify/reindent*
      [customer-summary] remove dead code
      [customer-summary] remove unneeded sanity check for owner
      [customer-summary] eradicate gnc-numeric
      [customer-summary] upgrade to handle multiple currencies
      [customer-summary] refactor report
      [customer-summary] remove references to vendor/employee
      [customer-summary] add url to owner-report
      [customer-summary] upgrade to handle multiple currencies per owner
      [customer-summary] fix sorting to apply within currency groups

Christopher Zimmermann (1):
      Bug 797230 - Use after free in

David Cousens (3):
      Stage 1 Extracting code for assigning a transfer account from gnc_gen_trans_row_activated_cb() into a new function
      Changes to import-main-matcher.c and to implement multiple selection and assignment of a destination account to the selection.

David Palma (1):
      Bug 796949 - Fix division and rounding of zero.

Dawid Wróbel (1):
      Check and UTF8-encode the names if needed

Frank H. Ellenberger (22):
      I18N: Review of price-quotes.scm
      Merge a fresh gnucash.pot into de.po
      Minor update of de.po
      [I18N] Unify placeholder warning
      [L12N] Romanian is now maintained by Translation Project
      Review of de.po
      Fix a typo in de.po
      Minor iprovement of 2 Strings in de.po
      [I18N] Mask line endings of continuous text in income-gst-statement.scm
      Drop po/ChangeLog
      de.po: update PO-Revision-Date
      N[I18N] "Next" is the new "Forward"
      Use standard buttons in "Tip of the Day"
      [I18N] Improve doc-page of CSV transaction importer
      de.po: Remove forgotten fuzzy flag from "Issue _SEPA Transaction..."
      Unify optionally required Python version - PR #481 supplement
      Cleanup of no longer used Gettext flags
      Move I18N modules in one section of CMakelists.txt
      Rise minimum required CMake version for Linux to 3.2
      Use standard buttons and add more mnenoics to Aqbanking dialogs
      Update's header to gettext-tools revert CHARSET change from last commit

Geert Janssens (15):
      .gitignore housekeeping
      Fix test dependency issue
      Fix mnemonic behavior on business preferences page
      Bump minimum cmake version to 3.5
      One more minor cmake cleanup
      Bug 797207 - Chart reports show blank when run from the build directory
      Bug 797126 - It is annoying to run cmake to get an updated mo file
      CsvImport - Fix mishandling of quoted empty fields
      GncEntry - Fix inverted comparison
      Merge branch 'Bug-787018' of into maint
      Bug 797104 - Translations not showing in receipt options
      Restructure shell detection code
      Readd the Export To Pdf function for Webkit1 based builds
      Housekeeping - replace plenty of http links with https
      Readd byte-order-mark (BOM) to windows README files

Joachim Wetzig (2):
      Update de.po
      Update de.po

John Ralls (61):
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge David Cousins's Bug_796778 into master.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Bug 797170 - gnucash-3.5 fails to compile with GTK+3-3.20.x
      Provide static strings for gnc_userdata_home and gnc_userconfig_home.
      Merge Christoph Holterman's 'PR-python2to3-str_methods-gnc_jinja' into maint
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's 'PR-python2to3' into maint.
      Merge Christoff Holtermann's 'PR-python-time64-modifications' into maint
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's 'PR-python2to3-rest-api' into maint.
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's 'Pr pycons2to3' into maint.
      Merge T Edmunds's 'computeInterestIncrement' to maint.
      Merge T Edmunds's 'amortization-rounding' into maint.
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's 'PR-dont-close-gnucash-on-pycons-close' into maint.
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's 'PR-python-bindings-update-source-doc' into maint
      Adjust GncAddSchemeTargets.cmake to build with Guile2.2 on MinGS64.
      Remove unset _GUILE_LD_LIBRARY_PATH from GncAddSchemeTargets.
      Fix typo
      Create CMakeLists.txt in libgnucash/scm/test.
      Revert "Merge T Edmunds's 'amortization-rounding' into maint."
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's 'fix-deprecated-positional-arguments' into maint.
      Bug 797127 - Company name and address in reports not display properly
      Bug 797134 - Decimal separator: Windows configured as dot,...
      Add an optionally-compiled diagnostic console on Windows.
      Make TreeView toggle-buttons not activatable if no toggle callback.
      Fix Travis failure.
      Transcode non-constant strings before passing them to scm_eval_string.
      Call setlocale() with the right form of locale code on Windows.
      Call setlocale(LC_ALL, "") exactly once.
      Rewire and corrected Doxygen comment for gnc_get_locale() c++ function.
      GetUserDefaultLocaleName returns a Windows-style locale too.
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's  'pycons-more-verbose' into maint.
      Fix Travis failure.
      "Second fix, revert extraneous change in prior fix."
      Bug 797186 - gtk crash closing parent window edit->stylesheets
      Merge David Palma's fix-division into maint.
      Fix test error string to match actual error.
      Merge Adrián Panella's  'numeric' into maint.
      Bug 797233 - Balance Sheet, Chart of Accounts, and other reports...
      Merge Adrién Panella's 'budget' into maint.
      Fix broken CSV Import tests.
      Add a +0000 offset to ISO8601 timestamps in the XML backend.
      Fix new gcc-8 warning about strncat.
      Restore WEBKIT1 function call, removed by mistake.
      Typedef GNCSearchOwnerPrivate only once.
      Merge Adrién Panella's 'budget'into maint.
      Don't test gnc:html-string-sanitize on emoji if guile doesn't understand them.
      Merge Milotype's 'hr-readme' into maint.
      Bug 797281 - Gnucash crashes when attempting to match online accounts
      Fix copy-paste error.
      Replace with
      Warn if can't lock for any reason other than that the file is locked already.
      Merge Dawid Wróbel's uft-8 obfuscation fix into maint.
      Update Farsi, Romanian, and Ukrainian translations from the translation project.
      Remove build-osx.txt, build-solaris.txt, and misc-notes.txt.
      Use warnings instead of perl -w.
      Release GnuCash 3.6

Juraj Svec (1):
      Bug 797169 - GnuCash hangs loading XML file

Mike Evans (6):
      Bug-797168 Proposed fix.
      Fix indents,
      Remove FIX ME
      Implement "printing" to a pdf.
      Repair unintended indent changes,
      Bug 751290 - Rethinking the invoice ledger view

Robert Fewell (74):
      Bug 797183 - association head path with spaces displayed wrong
      Fix some transient parent warnings for gnc_launch_assoc
      When displaying paths on MS Windows, make them look normal
      Bug 797185 - Correct the sorting for the Transaction Association Dialog
      Bug 797175 - Gnucash will not open from UNC paths.
      Bug 797175 - Opening a file from a gvfs mount point fails
      Change the New Account Hierarchy glade file
      Bug 797123 - Export transactions to CSV file.
      Add a select all Accounts button for CSV Transaction export.
      Change a couple of accelerator keys in CSV Transaction export
      Change the Securities dialogue to use GtkWindow
      Keep selection on commodity after updates and adding
      Improve setting up the commodity tree view filters
      Change the Prices dialogue to a GtkWindow.
      Improve setting up the price tree views
      Add some missing log Macros for the price model
      Bug 797165 - Crash on price deletion.
      Change the sensitivity of Add price button
      Bug 797051 - Overwrite prices without warning
      Modify the qof log format based on max logger name from log.conf
      Bug 797051 - Follow up - Change defaults for new price
      Use the commodity on selected parent rows in price tree view
      Bug 797223 - Preference missing tooltip
      Bug 797232 - Convert to gtk3
      Change so it displays correctly
      Change dialog-invoice to use GtkGrid widgets
      Change dialog-order to use GtkGrids
      Change dialog-job to use GtkGrids
      Reformat assistant-qif-import.c source file part1/4
      Reformat assistant-qif-import.c source file part2/4
      Reformat assistant-qif-import.c source file part3/4
      Reformat assistant-qif-import.c source file part4/4
      Bug 797204 - Qif import Tradable commodities page
      Rename some variables to be more notebook specific in previous assistant-qif-import.c change
      Bug 797215 - Add sorting to QIF duplicates page
      Bug 397927 - Save the window size/position for Qif Account picker dialog
      Bug 642824 - Check for Placeholder Accounts in Qif Import
      Bug 583277 - Ask for confirmation for cancelling QIF import
      With no files in the Qif importer it is possible to proceed
      Going back from 'Qif files you have loaded' crashes
      Bug 728873 - In Qif importer use the enter on account entry
      Bug 754710 - Add column sorting to Qif import Match views
      Bug 668349 - Scroll to selected accounts in QIF import tree views
      Stop some errors when cancelling the QIF import
      Change the Placeholder warning in the Account picker
      Remove some obsolete code
      Bug 797051 - Change Overwrite price confirmation
      After editing the TaxTables the selection has moved
      Setup some default sorting for the TaxTable entries
      Deleting TaxTable entries can crash application
      Bug 797089 - Wrong time for accounting period end date
      Reformat source files gnc-accounting-period.*
      Bug 797246 - Cleared Balance Remains Red After Turning Positive
      Add new function named similar to remove class function
      Readd the fix for the date/amount sorting for import main matcher
      Remove some white space from import-main-matcher.c
      Bug 797266 - Missing translation settings
      Changes to the default layout for glade files
      Follow up on some changes to Aqbanking Dialogue
      Stop error when adding commodity
      Enable the shadow type for the notes scroll window
      Bug797278 - Create an option for type of commodity for Price import
      Change the Commodity/Currency combo's on Price Import
      Bug797244 - Remove the invert prices for less than 1
      Make similar correction to gnc-imp-props-tx.cpp for incorrect find use.
      Fix double-click for import-main-matcher.c
      Disable menu options that should not be possible when
      Allow deleting all splits in the General Journal
      Bug 797249 - Cutting home account causes transaction to disappear
      Add a dialogue about pasting on an anchoring split
      Allow cancelling of a split paste
      Make the blank split read only
      Fix an error in my previous double-click fix
      Check for a blank line on the transaction importer

c-holtermann (33):
      fix due to different invoice date handling
      xrange has been dropped in python3
      python3 - 'as' needed in exceptions instead of comma
      python3 does not return list of keys
      iteritems removed in python3
      shebang should be specific to python version (PEP394)
      GetInvTaxTable returns unserializable object
      GetDate return unserializable datetime object
      remove TS suffix
      be prepared for GetDateDue returning null
      GetOwner may return project instead of owner
      check for argument type. Also allow int.
      deal with functions returning values through arguments
      additional author
      return None object if return value is FALSE
      unobfuscate get_date method name
      also allow
      PyDate_Check works for date and datetime
      change shebang to python3
      Import necessary module gdk
      reflect syntax change to sys tracebacks
      filter needs to be converted to list.
      syntax change to exec
      stop closing shell window from closing gnucash
      on quitting don't kill gtk main process
      add quit event handler to python console
      add quit method to python console
      connect console quit event handler to window destroy-event and delete-event
      don't kill main process on closing of shell
      update python source doc
      fix deprecated positional arguments with the GObject constructor (Bug 797205)
      make python shell startup more understandable

milotype (6):
      Update hr.po with pot 3.5
      Correction of updated hr.po
      Update hr.po
      Update README-hr.win32-bin.txt
      Update hr.po
      Update README-hr.win32-bin.txt

pianoslum (1):
      Fix small typo in German translation

thetedmunds (3):
      Amended commit to address pull-request comments.
      Changed gnc:computeInterestIncrement to directly calculate the amount of interest accrued in the specified compounding period.  Bug 797195.
      Bug 797196 - Allow for per-payment rounding in amortization calculations

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