gnucash-docs: New annotated tag '3.7'

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Sun Sep 8 09:42:58 EDT 2019

        at (tag)
   tagging  b7619e039ad2a0f0dda0ece81294b1cae08582f7 (commit)
  replaces  3.6
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sun Sep 8 06:40:35 2019 -0700

Tag Document Release for Gnucash 3.7

David Cousens (3):
      Help:Transactions: Modify Matcher and Multiple Selection Docs
      Improve Transactions:Import  matcher
      Improve Transactions:Import matcher -corrections

Frank H. Ellenberger (14):
      Fix syntax of a note in previous commit from PR #125
      Merge commit 'da3bd778e8d9662ff834f395867fb9500f48904f' into maint
      Minor improvements on Import Matcher section
      Reformat Author section
      Define ac_abs_top_srcdir before first use
      remove gnome-money.png
      Add note about fundlibrary's id
      Reformat help tips
      A few minor textual improvements of Help:Tips
      1 Tippfeher und mehrere "mindestens " FQ-Version
      Minor review of platform compatibility
      2 "This" for different parts is confusing
      Remove a totally wrong sentence about expenses
      Apply commit 5f84f78 also on de and ru

Geert Janssens (22):
      Bug 797324 - yelp 3.32.2 does not find entities while listing 'all documents'
      Setup basic structure for cmake based build system
      Provide rules to build xml and html versions of our docs
      Drop scrollkeeper/omf related bits from cmake build system
      Add pdf targets to CMake build system
      Add a note about the cmake build system
      Add epub and mobi support to cmake build system
      cmake pdf - determine papersize on source directory instead of environment
      CMake - factor out common calls to reduce code duplication
      paper format fixup
      CMake - add dist and distcheck targets
      CMake - Make note of missing Windows chm build rules
      CMake - Rename cmake modules for clarity
      CMake - Use xslt parameter to set chm file name
      CMake - add chm target for windows documentation
      CMake - revisit build and install file locations
      CMake - Add uninstall target
      CMake - Define options to enable or disable document formats
      CMake - refactor targets into custom commands
      CMake - revisit xml target
      CMake - revisit image handling
      CMake - update installation components

John Ralls (2):
      Fix fragile method of getting an absolute path to the soure directory.
      Release Documentation for GnuCash 3.7.

Tad (1):
      PR #124: Optimize all PNGs with optipng

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