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Sun Sep 8 09:43:30 EDT 2019

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   tagging  84cfc5743bc31160e338e6cb7c734548d9ef92a4 (commit)
  replaces  3.6
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Sep 7 16:46:25 2019 -0700

Tag Gnucash 3.7 Release

Christian Clauss (1):
      Remove the deprecated sudo tag from .travis.yml

Christian Gruber (1):
      Add to libgtest.a

Christian Stimming (8):
      Get aqbanking code to compile again with current aqbanking's git master version.
      Fix remaining compiler errors in aqbanking5/aqbanking6 dependent code.
      aqb: Fix progress window scaling/filling
      Update German translation.
      Update German translation
      Online-banking: add value for fintsRegistrationKey with most recent aqbanking.
      Online banking: Usage of gnucash registration key is available in more aqbanking versions.
      I18n fix: Trim user-visible strings from unneeded whitespace.

Christopher Lam (126):
      [customer-summary] fix no-owner sorting of entries
      [owner-report] fix code to set date to 'today'
      [balsheet-pnl] change definition of maxindent
      [average-balance] show progress reports before chart generation
      wrap qoflog
      call strify only if debugging enabled
      [balsheet-pnl] cosmetic: improve maxindent calc
      [balsheet-pnl] bugfix prevent crash on missing accts
      [test-cash-flow] fix test which was badly designed
      [commodity-utilities] compact gnc:sum-collector-commodity
      [commodity-utilities] move gnc:debug to less CPU critical code
      [commodity-utilities] [API] deprecate gnc:sum-collector-stocks
      [html-utilities] [API] further deprecations
      completion wrap qoflog
      completion redefine gnc:debug
      [customer-summary] fix no-owner sorting properly
      [invoice] Payments should be shown in invoice by default
      [taxinvoice] bugfix: remove option 'Report Currency'
      Merge branch 'wrapqoflog' into maint
      [business-options] deprecate unused option-types
      [business-options] fix whitespace
      [owner-report] fix html to be parsable by sxml
      [budget] remove unused options
      [budget] compact functions in options-generator
      [budget] upgrade to support envelope budgeting
      [test-budget] add tests for envelope budgeting
      Merge branch 'maint-budget-ytd-upgrade' into maint
      [report-utilities] add gnc:dump-book and gnc:dump-invoices
      [job-report] sanitize strings in preparation for tests
      [owner-report] sanitize strings in preparation for tests
      [test-owner-report] basic tests for customer and job reports
      [report-utilities] fix gnc:strify
      [test-business-core] initial commit
      [business-core] simplify functions
      [business-core] deprecate gnc:entry-type-percent-p
      Fix CMakeLists error
      [test-business-core] add to dist_list
      [business-core] refactor & document gnc:owner-from-split
      [scm-utilities][API] add sort-and-delete-duplicates
      [report-utilities] gnc:accounts-get-commodities more efficient
      [report-utilities][API] gnc:accounts-and-all-descendants
      various reports: use more efficient report-utilities.scm functions
      [test-commodity-utils] augment weighted-average tests
      [commodity-utils] refactor gnc:pricelist-price-find-nearest
      [commodity-utils] document gnc:case-exchange-time-fn
      [test-extras] add (create-test-invoice-data) for tests
      [report-utilities] update gnc:dump-book
      [average-balance] fixcrash: asset-accounts present but no splits
      [balsheet-pnl] fixcrash: price-conversion with 'overall-period
      [date-utilities] tidy up gnc:make-date-interval-list
      [date-utilities][API] deprecate unused exports, add comments
      [test-invoice] modified to call (create-test-invoice-data)
      [test-stress-options] improve coverage
      Bug 797158 - gnc:make-account-sel-limited-option is not working
      [c-interface] compact functions
      [test-options] initial commit
      [options] compact lookup-option
      [qif-imp/string] fix argument order for string-delete
      [eguile-utilities] compact functions
      [eguile-gnc] use string-for-each instead of regex
      [eguile-gnc] fix whitespace
      [eguile-html-utilities] dedupe, fix html
      [taxinvoice-eg] fix html
      [balsheet-eg] dedupe functions
      [simple-obj] deprecate this module
      [qif-utils] use srfi-13 instead of regexp functions
      [qif/test-qif-imp] initial commit
      [qif/test-qif-parse] initial commit
      [qif/assistant-qif-import.c] gfec_apply requires a list of arguments
      [qif/test-qif-parse] increase coverage
      [qif/test-qif-merge-groups] initial commit
      [qif/qif-parse] compact functions
      [qif/qif-merge-groups] compact functions
      [qif/qif-merge-groups] speed up duplicate-transaction finding
      [qif/string] compact function
      [qif/qif-import] fix whitespace
      [qif/qif-parse] restore handle non-4-digit dates, and erratum
      [qif/test-qif-parse] increase coverage
      [invoice] deprecate easy/fancy-invoice creation hooks
      [html-acct-table] timepair -> time64
      [html-acct-table] modernise to srfi-9 records
      [test-report-html] add coverage and function test
      [price-quotes] show if F::Q not installed, remove dead code
      [price-quotes] compact gnc:fq-check-sources
      [price-quotes] compact gnc:fq-get-quotes
      [price-quotes] compact book->commodity->fq-call-data
      [price-quotes] compact gnc:book-add-quotes
      [price-quotes] compact commodity-tz-quote-triple->price
      [price-quotes] remove no F::Q message
      Bug 752395 - Start Day of weekly report doesn't respond to change in locale
      [balsheet-eguile] monetaries must be rounded to their scu
      [general-ledger] deprecate gnc:make-general-ledger-report
      [general-ledger] internationalize general-ledger title
      Bug 793018 - Balance (with >>eguile<<) - Report Title can't be changed
      Bug 797279 - Reports RTL do not support RTL - fix reports
      Bug 797279 - Reports RTL do not support RTL - fix string
      [balsheet-pnl] reuse i18n strings
      [general-journal] set document title after rendering
      [general-journal] deprecate the journal report generator
      [standard-reports] modernise to srfi-9 records
      [taxtxf(-de_DE)] compact functions, use srfi-2
      [test-options] add to CMakeLists.txt
      [register] compact functions, inline single-use function
      [register] fix Transfer acc for single-account splits
      [register] remove unused functions
      Bug 797355 - General Journal report seems to be off balance
      [dialog-import] connect delete_event to gnc_gen_trans_list_delete
      Bug 605602 - precision of Financial Calculator seems to depend on locale
      fincalc: remove C accelerator for Clear
      Revert "[standard-reports] modernise to srfi-9 records"
      fix typo in he/CMakelists.txt templates dist_list
      [html-utilities] deprecate function
      [test-extras] show better error message if report is not found
      Bug 797378 - QIF file import fails: Loading gives wrong type argument in position 2
      [dialog-search] expand&fill search results
      [budget] rename envelope option to 'Use accumulated amounts'
      [reports] remove dead code - terse-period? always true
      [reports] use more efficient gnc:accounts-and-all-descendants
      [report-utilities] deprecate gnc:acccounts-get-all-subaccounts
      [income-gst-statement] fix "tax payable" reuse existing string
      [reports] fix some uses of assoc-ref
      [html-acct-table] ensure an integer number of empty-cells
      Revert "Bug 796952 - Report formatting (justify) is broken"
      Bug 796952 - Report formatting (justify) is broken
      [html-acct-table] compact formals definitions
      [taxinvoice] comments were interfering with i18n. remove

Craig (1):
      Correctly parse decimals between 0 and -1.

David Cousens (4):
      Add view_selection_function
      Add multiselection info to help dialogue
      Merge branch 'matcher-help' into Bug797275
      Fix view_selection_function declaration

Frank H. Ellenberger (29):
      Bug 797316 - New Mauritanian ouguiya MRU not supported
      Bug 797319 - Mauritanian ouguiya MRO shows too few decimals
      Dutch RGS template: Replace a ":" in an account name
      Improve invoice import column headers
      Update he.po from fresh gnucash.pot
      Merge branch 'PR551' into maint
      Merge a fresh gnucash pot into de.po
      Remove a trailing space in german glossary
      Add "account code" description to glossary
      Improve header of glossary
      Bug 796819 - bad icon with Spanish localization
      he templates: Revert a sporadic "ILS" for consistency
      Merge branch 'PR569' into maint
      Fix file copy destination for accounts/he
      Fix contexts in he.po
      Merge branch 'PR#570' into maint
      de.po: A few fixes and some cleanup
      de.po: merge recent changes
      de.po: recover a few translations from previous versions
      [L12N] he.po: another 2 fixes on top of PR #577
      Merge branch 'PR_#577' into maint
      [I18N] Add a translator comment about date formats
      Fix of PR #577
      [I18N] Support of all *_() macros of glib/gi18n.h in ninja pot
      [I18N] Improve translator comments for Invoice Editing
      [I18N] Use context for samples and column headers
      Unify "Placeholder" headers with previous commit
      [I18N] use msgctxt for Reconciled flags
      [I18N] Bug 797349 - "A"ssociate header badly translated

Geert Janssens (18):
      Fix intermittent build dependency issue
      [gnc-date][API] find locale's start of week using ICU.
      Add developer name to our appdata
      Disable text-tx-import.cpp
      Add OARS classification to our appdata file
      Appdata - add language tag
      Appdata - sort tags
      Fix man page title line
      Drop code path for cmake 3.1 and older
      Extract a few cmake commands to dedicated files rather than generating them on the fly
      Bug 797353 - Add copyright and release info in appdata file
      Manpage generation tweaks
      Minor tweaks to appdata file generation
      Fix in-tree builds after the appdata file changes
      Properly mark the renamed for translation
      Clarify the translation remark for the gnucash-icon
      Fix extraction of translatable strings with context using Q_
      797171 - Allow multiple credit/debit columns to be selected

John Ralls (20):
      Bug 797297 - GNUCash is in English even though MacOS is set-up to French.
      Bug 797306 - "URL cannot be shown" when one clicks an account line link...
      Bug 797295 - problems with entering swedish åäö in company address
      Bug 784623 - GNUCash does not work with sql backend, I can open...
      Bug 797316 - New Mauritanian ouguiya MRU not supported
      Bug 797319 - Mauritanian ouguiya MRO shows too few decimals
      Remove unused ifdefs for IMPLEMENT_BOOK_DOM_TREES_LATER.
      Bug 746937 - Template transaction splits are loaded in reverse order...
      [test-commodity-utils] Don't try to free the pricedb twice.
      Use cmake_symbol_check to test for AB_Banking_RuntimeConfig_SetCharValue
      Include libicu-i18n in libgncmod-engine linkage for new ICU API usage.
      Merge Christian Gruber's 'rework_gtest_src' into maint.
      Merge Christian Clauss's Travis-CI yaml fix into maint.
      Replace overly indirect gnc_business_get_default_tax_table.
      Bug 797377 - cmake fails on debian-8 and ubuntu-14.04...
      Merge Craig Mason-Jones's 'gncnumeric-neg-string' into maint.
      Add scm-srfi64-extras and scm-qif-import as check dependencies
      Bug 797389 - Random Crashes while attaching a document.
      Update Ukrainian translation from the translation project.
      Release GnuCash 3.7

Mike Evans (1):
      Bug 797085 - Import Bills & Invoices – headers not translated.

Pedro Albuquerque (1):
      Updated pt.po

Pictarus (1):
      Update de.po

Robert Fewell (15):
      Merge David Cousens's 'Bug797275' branch into maint
      Bug 797301/1 - Menu View->Refresh not refreshing register
      Bug 797301/2 - Sub-account register not seeing changes to sub accounts.
      Error when creating a new account on expanded transaction
      Error when cancelling the create a new account in register
      Account Picker dialogue warning message placement
      Fix register tooltip crash
      Bug 797339 - Online banking frame to small
      Stop Gtk Warning Negative content width
      Restrict where you can click on the menu column header
      Reformat source files gnc-tree-view.c/h
      Prevent artefacts of imported transactions from showing
      Do not log an error when no default tax tables set
      Test for Invoices XML dates not being INT64_MAX
      Stop duplicate entries for the invoice taxtable cell

Thomas Klausner (1):
      Bug 795251 - googletest detection cannot be overridden

avma (7):
      Hebrew translation 95% completed...
      glossary he.po for ver 3.6
      he.po for version 3.6 96% completed
      Hebrew COA sets
      Hebrew Translation for v3.6
      Complete Hebrew translation for version 3.6
      he.po cleanups

iggyvolz (1):
      Fix typo in CMakeLists.txt

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