Can't save data???

Dave Peticolas
Sat, 02 Dec 2000 22:59:28 -0800

"Jack McKinney" writes:
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>     I started up GnuCash (just started using it) and created a few accounts
> and put in a few transactions.  Then, I chose "Save As...".  It brings up
> the file browser, defaulting to my home directory (/home/jackmc). I decide
> to call the file "finances", so I type that in.  I then get a dialog box
> saying that "/home/jackmc/finances" could not be found.  I tried other names
> such as 'testing' and 'iwergbe' (random text) and get a similar result.
>     How do I save the file the first time?

I believe this was a bug in an earlier (pre-1.4.8) version.
Try upgrading to 1.4.8.